Tulane University of Louisiana Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?

Min Chan

If I had to pick one, there wasn't enough study space when I attended Tulane (2008-2012).


How rich most of the people are.


The way classes are scheduled is strange because no matter how I schedule my classes there are always awkward time gaps between them to where its not enought time to do anything other thn wait around for the other classes. I would prefer having all my classes back to back in the morning and not very spread out throughout the day.


Administration seems more intent on attracting students than maintaining the happiness of current ones.


The most frusterating thing about my school is, in my opinion, the location. New Orleans is such a wonderfully exciting place to live, it's hard to focus on schoolwork when there is so much to see and do in the city!


The most frustrating thing about attending Tulane is the high tuition. The office of financial aid is also pretty poor as they tend to lose things such as promissary notes, and seem to be generally disorganized. However, Tulane offers wonderful financial aid and usually provide generous scholarships. Unfortunately, since tuition is so high you will still be paying quite a bit of money. I will graduate with a disgusting amount of student loans. I do however feel that my money is being well spent.


There is so many opportunities and things to do its hard to balance it all!


The cost. It's a great school, but I have to work 2 jobs just to feed myself. Not worth the money at all.


There is a broad range of incomes at Tulane, and some people can be kind of obnoxious about that. Most activities are predominantly alcohol-based, but still fun. There is a lot of Greek life which can be kind of exclusive. Most of all there's a big discrepency in funding. Liberal arts kids are kind of left out.


seem to care more about money than about students


The most frustrating thing about Tulane is that sometimes paperwork takes a little longer than I would like to get processed.


It seems the University tries to screw students out of money every chance it gets. The Administration often seems out of touch with the student body, though does everything possible to make Tulane seem great for parents and prospective students.


The lack of communication in the Financial Aid Department. The advisors rarely return calls to students. They will call back parents though. It is also frustrating how my financial aid has dwindled considerably since my freshman year.


sometimes the administration gets in the way of a good time


As with many buinesses, there is a constant communication problem across the various departments and adminstartive functions. Also, becasue of economic constraints it has abandoned egineering endevors.