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Where is the best place to get work done on campus?


I always liked Cudd Hall- it's a little bit of a hidden spot. It's the building where some of the dean's offices are housed, but during the day its the best place to sit and write a paper. There is a free (bad) coffee and a few computers, some couches and big armchairs, and a big porch with swings. And sometimes, if you are lucky, there might be a catered lunch you can steal sandwiches from...


The best place I've found to get work done is in Howard Tilton Memorial Library. There honestly is no better place to find some peace and quiet to study. If you prefer a little background noise, that isn't your iPod, I would suggest the Lavern Bernick Center (LBC) or in the multiple study rooms in the dorms.


The library! Always packed during finals/midterms. You can also study in the business school library or PJ's, our coffee shop. Pretty much anywhere you can find. All of the dorms offer study rooms or lounges. I tend to study in my room majority of the time because I luckily have a single, only sharing a bathroom with one other suite mate. It is really nice to not have to leave my dorm to study I must say


I prefer studying outdoors. Most students though will congregate in the library or the PJ's coffee shop on McAlister and Willow for study sessions. If the weather is nice, I will work outside the LBC (our student center) or on the quad behind Bruff (our dining commons). The Bruff quad is often packed with girls in bikinis sunbathing while studying for exams. I suppose depending on your gender or sexual orientation, this could be among the worst places to study. When boys aren't playing frisbee though, it makes for a relaxing, low key place to get some work done. A popular place to study is in the study room on the first floor of the LBC. There are couches that tend to act as beds during exams and individual desks with outlets. It's always dead silent in there which freaks me out but I have gotten a lot of work done in there. Another option is any one of the study rooms. Most dormitories have at least one study room on each floor. My favorite study rooms are in the Wall dormitory. They are new, modern, have their own thermostats, dry erase boards and have phenomenal natural light from floor to ceiling windows which let the Louisiana sunshine into the room. One of the things I love about Tulane is how relaxed the campus is. Almost anywhere can be made into a nice place to study. You'll see students on benches, at tables outside, sitting on the quads, or in any of the buildings working. It's not that we're always working, but we have a beautiful campus that allows us to get comfortable outside our dorm rooms.


Definitely the library! Although it gets packed sometimes, it is a great quiet environment to get your work done. It is not only an easy place to do work, it is very close to the dorms as well as most off-campus housing, it also is nice to sit and do work with friends. There are many areas depending on if you want to study in silence or with a group. The third and second floor are quiet areas while the first floor is an area where study groups can meet and discuss without disturbing others. There are also many printers and photocopy machines available whenever you need them. The library also has a coffee shop right in the front for students to grab a quick cup of coffee to help them study! The library is my favorite place to study on campus so try it out!!


Just like in high-school, it is really up to the student to figure out where one want's to study. Obviously, the most quiet spot is camped up in a dorm room over a computer or desk. That's usually my method as when it's time for me to work, I can't have any distractions. For quiet, yet social settings, the library and coffee shop are both open until at least 4AM, and provide calm, social settings to get work done, as well as printers which are often hard to find in a dorm. The most festive option is to take your work to a common area just outside your door. In the majority of freshmen dorms this area will be the social hub with people coming and going, saying hi, watching the TV, preparing for bed, being drunk, and everything in between. I've never heard of anyone complain of a lack of places to study on campus. Everyone finds their niche quickly


The best study places on campus are the LBC, the library, and PJs on Willow. As far as I know, the LBC and PJs are open all night, and the library closes at 3:45 AM on weeknights and 9:45 PM on the weekend. The library and the LBC have a lot of space space for studying, but if you want a booth at PJs, you better get there early!


Nowhere. Best place to work is in Loyola's library. That's right, the university next door. Tulane's library is miserable in every which way and there are few other buildings open regularly as study areas.


There are many places to do work on campus. Many people choose the library, which has designated quiet floors. Many of the dorms have study rooms or lounges. There is a coffee shop on campus with computers and booths. In addition, the student center has a ton of comfy couches as well as desks and a quiet lounge.


PJ's Coffee is a popular place to meet friends and study.