Tulsa Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Tulsa Community College is a great school to attend to prepare one for a university.


One of the best Community Colleges in the country, they have a wealth of resources to help the students acheive their Associates Degree and their credit system is very easily transferrable to universities.


TCC is for students who are wanting a college experince but still want to live close to home, and have a smaller classroom size.


I currently attend a local community college that provides a quality education in a diverse learning environment.


TCC is a community institution for higher education that allows low- income students gain a degree in their desired major. They make available several courses of study and various resources for you to overtake your college career.


My school offers several classes for a variety of majors.


TCC is a challenging insitition.


With its' four different locations, and huge variety of classes, Tulsa Community College is an excellent school for students who are not quite ready to leave the nest, but still want to pursue a post-secondary education.


Tulsa Community College is very helpful, reliable, and a great way to experince education on a smaller scale before pursuing graduate school.


I think it is a really cold type atmosphere that is in serious need of some color and variety.