Tulsa Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of my classmates are not dedicated enough to succeed, but the ones who are will go far in their lifes and careers.


My classesmates are very good friends and are fun to be around.


My classmates, though it differs from person to person, typically want a good education without costing their parents a fortune, and are eager and dedicated.


My classmates seem to be hardworking students who come from different ways of life including working parents to those just out of high school and new to the environment, all with the same goal of getting a degree and better way of life.


My classmates are a mix of traditional and non-traditional students.


The best way to describe my classmates at Tulsa Community College is dynamic. The student body of my college encompasses High School students, International students, Working Professionals, Current Educators, and even retired individuals. I thoroughly enjoy the interactions I share with my classmates as it is a learning experience for both my classmates and myself. Simply by conversing with an International student, Working Professional, or retired individual I am able to take a brief step inside their world.


My classmate are talkitive. They are easy to communticate and socialize with. They work and participates in class activites. Lastly they are smart and really good at comprehending the subject.


My classmates all come from different backgrounds/lifestyles and are male, female, caucasion, African American, Christian, Hispanic, non-Christian, determined individuals who seam to be very involved and motivated to succeed.