Tulsa Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone looking to advance their career or start a new one should consider TCC. There were a lot of adult students and new college students so everyone can find somewhere to fit in.


There are classes available for every kind of student. Whether you are looking for easy A's or to join the Honors program, you will find the right classes here. There is a lot of diversity in the kinds of students and professors that go to this school. Returning students, fresh out of high school, you name it. This school is great if you are looking to get a degree, or if you need a stepping stone to get to a four-year college. Tulsa Achieves qualifiers should also take advantage of the opportunity- it's a lifesaver.


Working adults are perfect for this college. It allows you to have flexibility with cheduling in most cases.


This is a good school for students that are nervious about attending a big university. This college was a good transition out of highschool. The teachers care about the success of the students.


Anyone who is looking to complete the first two years of their Bachelors degree for a very reasonable price who can then transfer and complete their undergraduate at a 4 year institution.


Someone who is dedicated, hard working, efficient with their money, and either just has a desire to learn or would like Tulsa Community College to be a great and sturdy stepping stone to university should attend this school. It's a great community college and people wanting a better future should attend here to get them on that path.


The type of person best fitted for this typer of environment is someone who generally has a difficult schedule to work around.


Tulsa Community College is an institution that allows people of all backgrounds, ages, and nationalities to attend. The college has an extensive variety of courses and schedules to accomodate any student or person wishing to attend. They offer a number of locations to students as well. TCC is the kind of school for all students.


Someone who likes small classes with close professor interaction.


TCC is a great start for anyone. I highly recomend this school. The teachers are all very helpful and knowlegable in their subject matter and most are extremely willing to help with assignments in their class and to help you get used to the college atmosphere.