Tulsa Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Tulsa Community College is that it lead me to believe in myself and to triumph over all given obstacles. I have managed to earn the opporuntity to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and mantain at least a 3.5 GPA since the start at TCC. I have recieved the Deans Honor Roll for every semester I have gone to this school. This school let me succeed so well that I have earned and been accepted into the University of Tulsa, ranked #33 in the country.


Halito! I am Taryn Renee’ Maness-White, a member of the Choctaw Nation and I am graduating with an Associates in Sociology this May. My future plans consist of attending The University of Tulsa and studying Sociology with an emphasis on Cultural Anthropology. I do have a vocal quality that is accepting, but instead I chose to have my two kids: Dyllan Renee’-my daughter and Donnie-my son. By educating myself I plan to make a change for my children and discover different aspects of civilizations and cultures.


I think that the professors would have to be the best thing in my school at this point in my college career! They are always willing to help me out with whatever I need. They are very understanding with life situations, but also expect much out of each student. All of my professors are highly qualified to teach in the area in which they do.


a fitness center on campus, extensive student activities coordination, and the easy layout of all the required enrollment stops.


The close proximity to my home and the variety of classes.


Thebest thing about TCC is that it is free. That it gives me the opportunity to get an education even though I do not have any money. I feel truely blessed, because withput i am not sure i would even be attending college.


The best thing about Tulsa Community College is the professors. They are all down-to-earth and genuinely want us students to succeed. As boring as school can be sometimes, their individual teaching styles keep us eager to learn more.


There are many great things about Tulsa Community College. A few examples are, you can fit the classes according to your time schedule. It has flexiable time schedule. It has four campuses in Tulsa. You don't have to move far from your home, if you live in or near Tulsa. They have a program call Tulsa Acheives. The instructors here are easy to work with.


This is my first semester to attend Tulsa Community College. My previous semesters were taken at Rogers State University. I have no experience with classes at TCC but I do know that they offer many different times for some classes that may not be at convenient times at other colleges. I work full time during the day so I need to take either night or weekend classes. This is why I transferred to TCC for my remaining classes.