Tunxis Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


You know how everyone talks about what shcool they'll attend when they graduate? Well, all of my buddies went to "cool" schools like USC or Syracuse, and then here I am going to a community college. Pretty lame right? Yeah I suppose so, until you consider 4 years down the road. My buddies took out college loans, so when they graduate they'll have upwards of 100k in debt. For a fraction of the cost, and without loans I can attend tunxis with equal opportunities. So if you don't think "debt" is cool, go to tunxis!


Tunxis is a great start to get all of your general education classes out of the way. It's very affordable, an easy transition from high school, and a gorgeous new campus. All of the teachers are great and help you along the way throughout each class. It's just a great starting point for a small budget, and it's really nice to go from high school to Tunxis instead of straight to a big University with a large, confusing campus.