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My school operates on a block schedule. That means only one class at a time. 3 hours a day for 18 days. I love it. Most students choose to come to this school because of the block schedule.


The most obvious difference is the block system. A student takes one class for 3 to 6 hours a day, depnding on the class, for 3 and a half weeks. Each student takes 4 classes a semester equaling 16 credit hours. Another difference is that it is primarily a sports school or a commuter school so there is not a huge amount of things to do on campus like big universities but it is also smaller with more indivdual attention.


If you're an athlete and are going to school to play sports, come to Tusculum. If you are looking for a prestigious school to build your resume look elsewhere. If you need a stepping stone - somewhere you can be noticed for your strengths and abilities - then Tusculum is the perfect school for you, as it was me. I worked very hard and made many lasting connections which have helped me continue my educational and professional careers. There is definitely a support network at Tusculum that can bolster you and push you to greatness. But you'll have to reach the greatness elsewhere.


Last time I heard, Tusculum College is only one of three colleges that uses the focused calendar. The focused calendar means that students take one class at a time, three hours a day for eighteen days. In high school I would have two or three essays due on the same day and I had a hard time getting them done on top of the other homework I had. At Tusculum, I only have one teacher, so he or she knows exactly what they have assigned and do their best not to overwhelm us.


The most unique characteristic about my school is the block scheduling. Studnets are full time having a course load of 16 hours. Each of 8 classes are conducted over a period of 18 1/2 days, for three hours a day. There is a brief break before the next class begins. Also, Tusculum allows for students in the education department to have received ample ammount of obervation practicum hours in order that they are fully prepared for thier student teaching when the time arises. The faculty and staff know each student by name and care for their success individually.


The block system is sometimes difficult but in the end seems to be very effective.