Tusculum College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


That most students forget about all of the outdoors entertainment in this area (such as skiing, hiking, camping, etc) and think drinking/partying are the only things to do around here. It is a shame that they think they must be drunk or high to have any fun.


For me i dont like how slow thing are around Tusculum. My high school was in the city so im use to having everything at a good distance and always something interesting going on. The food at this school is pretty bad i don't like going to the cafeteria because there is usually nothing good to eat there.


It is more expensive than a state school.


The worst thing about Tusculum is the fact that it appears they help out and care about athletics more than academics.


There is not much to do around the town. You have to either drive to Knoxville, Morristown, or Johnson City for stuff to do.


How small it is and that there is not much to do outside campus


I would say that some of the rules are very strict for a school that dosen't have much to do on the down time. And would also add that I don't really think it's right not allowing us to have a stove or hot plate which is basically forcing us to eat in the cafeteria when. Also I think we chould have some kind of late night resturant avalible for the students on campus..


The nazi parking patrol. And the cost.


we can't move off campus


I think the worst part of the school is the student life center. They try to get activities for the students to get involved with, but they are usually activities that 10 year old would enjoy. They usually include the big blow up play grounds and stuff of that nature. It is very rare that they offer activities that 18-22 year olds would want to be involved in.


The worst thing about our school is the cost. It costs over $25,000 per year, and the school only offers $11,000 in academic scholarship, so that still leaves me $14,000 short every year. If I stay for four years, which I plan on doing, then I will already be $56,000 in debt.


On occasion, important papers were lost and/or misplaced by new administration at an off-site campus.


Not too many things to do socially... lots of "clicks"