Tusculum College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Kenleigh, don't be afraid. You are not the only freshman that has to get used to a new world. Don't be afraid to ask for help, make new friends, or speak up in class. You will make some great friends, even though it's your first year, and make sure you keep in touch with them and help keep their spirits high. Don't forget your high school friends: visit them, call and text them, spend time with them, they're still very important in your life. While at school, keep calm and try to get through each day. Always be careful and don't be afraid to show that you're a Christian and talk about what you believe in. Befriend your teachers as well because they don't judge and will drop what they're doing just to help you. Enjoy each class and especially the people in them - you'll be spending the next 4 years with them. Pray and don't give up. Do the best you can do even if you don't get that 'A.' You'll get through the first year just fine and you'll really enjoy it. It flies!


So far in your life, everything has a tendency to simply “work out.” Guess what, sunshine? It’s not going to work like that anymore. The transition to college will be rough; it’ll be uncomfortable, and there will be tears. It’s also the best decision of your entire life. Be strong, honey! First, your comfort zone no longer exists. You’re going to meet some strange and slightly freaky people, but give them a chance. Also, solitude is no longer an option. College will strip you of privacy and space; get comfortable with a long temper fuse, because dorm life requires the patience of a saint. Your roommate, an inconsiderate sweetheart, will be a special test. Also, be wary of men: it doesn’t matter if they simply have good morals. You’ll need more substantial dinner discussion! However, these experiences differ from your true focus: your academic education. No more procrastination! Keep an open mind, but don’t forget who you are or where you come from. Your faith in God will go through major tests. This is a blessing; God has trusted you to teach His children. So be ready, and be an example.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice it would be to be more open to people and network, keep pursuing football, and to fill out as many scholarships as possible. The more people that I know the more it could help me out well after college. Because any of those people could be the same person that's going to hire me or know someone in my field that could. Playing football would of been a good way to network and it would make the college life so much easier. It's also a good experience to be part of that not too many people will ever know. Lastly I would tell myself to keep looking for scholarships, the more I would of applied for the better I would of been in the long run. Financial situations can be tough if it's not planned out correctly. These are the three pieces of advice that I wish someone would of told me two years ago.


I would get invovled with more activities at school or get a job. I also would not have been such a slacker when it came to my schoolwork; because i never thought that my grade from the previous years before my last year of highschool would be taken into account when applying for college. I could have had a much wider range on my resume of skills and accomplishment. I would have been better prepared for college if i had just taken it seriously. I never needed to work on my communication and interaction with others because that is somethign i was good at. However, i mostly did that in my own dialect. Now i am in college sometimes i say to myself how can people hear you if they can't understand you. All in all, highschool wasn't as important as i thought it was in that time. If i had learn to take it seriously from the start and not wait until the last minute, i think things would have turned out much differently. I guess i only took it seriously when tine was approaching for college and started to do all the neccessities to get in.


Stay away from the big colleges, and be sure to find a college where you will be happy. You know being in a city would stifle you, so be sure to find a small college surrounded by nature and outdoor activities. Be friendly and outgoing, and make plenty of friends; they will be there for you for the rest of your life. Be healthy, excersize, and be sure to study hard. Draw every day, even if you do not have an art class, and do not be afraid to enter contests - you never know, you may win!


If I was able to go back in time to give my high school self advise about college I would tell myself to start taking the SAT by the end of my sophmore year. I feel that I postponed the SAT and ACT test for far to long and had I started earlier I would have had the time to improve to a level I would have liked. I would also inform my high school self that it would be wise to take more AP classes. I really loved the enviorment, but I was always afraid I'd "fill my plate" beyond what I could handel. However this wasn't the case and I wish I had taken the risk.


I dreamed of becoming a teacher and making my life "better". A week after graduation I found myself walking down the isle of a church and soon after saying "I do". I didn't even realize the impact this decision was going to make on a dream I had for years. I told myself, "I can still go to school, no problem." Three years and two kids later I still only had that high school diploma. I love my family but now at 43 I look back and realize I could still have that family after I pursued a life long dream, but instead I am now trying to pursue it. It'shard being the oldest in class. Its hard trying to leave a crying grandbaby who wants to stay with you but you have to go to a lab. It's hard taking money that could be used to "spoil" your child and spend it on a book. Its hard letting laundry pile up and studying instead. Its hard waking up every morning and realizing I have let half of my life slip by me without catching that dream. I want to catch it now!


To date, I have enjoyed the growth allowed to me by living away from home and working with students that are not necesarily from my own background, beliefs or experiences.


I have learned what it is like to be on my own having to make decisions for myself. also i have learned how you need to have good study habits to do well in school. It is really hard to catch if you fall behind if you do not get any help. I have learned how to be respnsible for my things and how to be thrifty with my money. Also you really need to be active, if you are not active you wont make to many friends and it may cause you to develope unhealthy habits. Getting some excerisize is great because there is always a possibility that you are going to gain more weight, but if you excersize you will maintain a healthy weight. most important need a good night sleep othere wise you will not do well in class and your grade will drop, and it is just unhealthy.


To know that I am making myself a better person feels great. Also, I know that I will be able to make a better life for myself and my family, as my parents did not complete any form of higher education.


I've learned how to manage my money better, as well as come out of my shell (I'm naturally a bit shy). I've met a ton of awesome people! But most importantly, I've become more independent and I'm proving the people that said that I would never make it wrong.


From going to Tusculum College, I have gained alot from interactions with students and professors. The professors make it easier to pass your class because they offer one on one tutoring or if you need extra help the tutoring center is of great use. I have also gained many friends from campus life. I got to learn what is was like to kind of be on my own. My friends I made there I still hang out with. I gained alot of knowledge from Tusculum College just in the simple fact that they made it easy for me to learn and get my degree started.


If i could go back in time and give myself advice, i would advise me to give college more in depth thought. I would try to explain to myself that paying for college is not easy and if you dont put forth the effort to find scholarships you end up paying an arm and a leg out of your own pocket. I would really stress that finding scholarships is important extremely helpful, and will cause me to stress out less often.


If I had the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell me to stop stressing and enjoy the remaining time with my friends. I would also tell myself not to live on campus as that wasn't a very good decison on my part. My instincts were right and I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but after I move back home the worry was over. Now I am enjoying this experience and making many new friends who are also commuting students. I would explain that I shouldn't worry so much about the money and try to apply for more scholarships and that I do have time, much more time than I think available to do such things. The last thing I would tell myself about college is relax, the real fun starts soon.


If I was able to go back in time and give myself some advice regarding college it would be simple. I would tell myself that the most important thing that I could do to be successful is to not take any breaks until I was finished with my schooling. I know many people (including myself) that have taken a short break from college only to find that it lasts several years. There is no more important a time that right here and now to finish school. If you feel the strain is too much then drop to part time but never stop until you reach your goal. Think about your future. Like my dad always says, "Play now and pay later, or pay now and play later. It's up to you which order you do them in."


Making the transition to college can be very hard on a young student. Often times students are warned about how hard the transition is but most of the times are not given the right advice to prepare themselves. I came from a very small Christian high school looking to play soccer in college. I mostly based my decision on soccer and the best scholarship i received. This was my first mistake. I didn't take the time to really look into the important aspects of the school. I would advise to take the time to really look into the school. Secondly, know your values inside and out and stick to them. There is a lot of pressure, more than I could have imagined, to do drugs and drink. Also, doing these things may help you feel like you are fitting in, but I promise you won't want the reputation as the "drunk chick" when you are a senior and the GPA (and fines on a dry campus) that comes with it. I know many girls that have been so embarred by what they did when they were drunk that they never wanted to show their face again.


I would say, yes college is fun and there will be many wonderful moments. First off college is a place where you choose your career something your going to do for the rest of your life, so the most important thing is to major in something that you love go for your passion if you may. Colllege is not for every one but it can be a wonderful experience it helps you to actually see what the real world is like beyond the walls of high school. Class is important attending them everyday is a must, you must also know that when your in college your on your own its really time to grow up.


The advice that I would give to myself would be to always do your greatest and do not let anyone discourage you as you evolve in the future as a college student. The voyage ahead of you is very tough DeAsia, but the trials of life will cause you to mature and be prepared to tackle obstacles you never thought you would face in college; just stay encouraged and never give up on anything. Everyone who have gained success had to face tough times, if you quit you would be like those who you see everyday who has nothing to be proud of in life. Nevertheless, when you find the strength to preserver, you will feel the reward at each step of your accomplishments and know that the pain is well worth it. For instance, just as the pain of having a child does not compare to the reward of bringing a new life into the world, neither will your struggles come without something more rewarding. Therefore, always believe in yourself DeAsia and just be equipped to make the transition into becoming a committed college student and enjoy the journey on the way to your destination.


Self, you always need to stay focused on your life goals and be strong in your faith. The journey ahead will require prayer, patience, planning, a little luck, and much perserverance. Remember to always work hard and go the extra mile; it will pay off in the end. Enroll in honors classes, AP classes, and dual enrollment classes if possible. Hours of preparation lead to academic growth and will prepare you for those more challenging college experiences. Get a job and save some of the money for college - you will need every penny! Voluteer, learn from others, talk to your grandparents, give of yourself, think outside of the box, try not to be afraid of change; learn to make the most it, and most of all have fun and enjoy the new, exciting challenges that are about to come your way when you graduate and move on into the next phase of your life.


I graduated from high school a semester early to help with my mother's business she was opening, and to get ready for my wedding. I got married two weeks after my class walked the stage. When I started college, my husband was starting with me, so I had someone there for support of any freshmen jitters I had. The one thing I would go back and advise myself to do differently is to make no excuses. When I first started college, I was frustrated that the other students in my class were worried about partying all night long, when I was worried about working a full time job, and buying a home while going to school full time. Instead of accepting the different paths we had chosen, I looked at it like maybe I should have been getting some special treatment. It made me want to make excuses for not being able to attend certain events on campus or really get to know anyone else. I am now out of that stage and have made plenty of friends and make time for campus events, but knowing that to start with would have made the transistion that much easier.


With the gift of hindsight, looking back I would tell myself to keep going strong, never have any regrets about anything, and live everyday like its the last one.


Dear Michelle, I know that this weekend you're about to turn eighteen and graduate. It's all happening at once, and that's a little overwhelming. Don't second guess yourself right now, just go for it. My first bit of advice is this: watch your bank account. Freshman year you will do splendidly, but sophomore year you start to get a little careless with your spending. Just balance your checkbook like you know you should and think twice before buying more yarn. And speaking of yarn, some of your new friends will want you to start a knitting club. Beware: while dreams of hours spent with your favorite hobby and another leadership position on your graduate school application dance through your head, your friends are only trying to get free yarn. Do some cool charity projects to remind them that there are people less fortunate than broke college students. My last bit of advice is this: don't even bother declaring an education major. Your first practicum class is a disaster and you can fit in the editing class you will desperately want if you go with English Literature. Best Wishes, Michelle Tusculum College 2012


Force yourself to make friends and have a good time. Leave your room and find SOMETHING to do. Join a club and get to know people. Even if college sucks, it's easier with friends than alone.


If I could go back in time, I would give myself, as a high school student, the advice to do things a bit differently than I have done. I would have told myself to try a little harder in my classes and to make better grades in high school. If I would have done so, I would be receiving more academic scholarships now, which are a great help in affording school. I would also tell myself to get out there and meet new people. When I first started college, my boyfriend went to the same school as I did and I spent more time with him instead of meeting new friends. I now see the consequences from my choice to do so, since he is not attending there anymore. I would tell myself to give my all to my grades and to push myself to do above average work. Lastly, I would advise myself to just have fun. College, more than likely, is a first and last time experience. One may never have the chance to enjoy the simple things that can be enjoyed as a college student and memories need to be made while it's possible.


Parents, take an active role in your child?s education. If you value their education success, so will they. Visit the college(s) with your child and aid in the decision making process. Wholeheartedly support the decision your child makes and do everything in your means to make their dream a reality. Don?t allow your financial situation to hinder your child from attending the college of their dreams. Money is available and the right college will make sure to assist you in finding the assistance you need. As for making the most of your college experience, each experience is unique to the individual student. The experience you receive from college is only what you allow yourself to receive from it. It may not be the same experience that your classmates receive, but it is YOURS! Play an active role in your education and make it well worth your time and effort. You will only get out of your education what you put into it. College is not only a time to prepare you for the workplace, but also where you can form lifelong friendships. Make your college experience one that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Let the students look at a lot of different colleges and have some questions for the administrators when you go to tour the schools. Look at the area around the school as well


Where ever you go just remember that college is what you make it. If you go in thinking it will be boring or lame then you might leave not enjoying it. It you go in thinking that you are going to have a great time and knoe that you are going to have fun everywhere you go then that what it's going to be. And finally just have fun!


Visit the college and really pay attention to what you see and are told. Really look at the students when you walk by the classrooms and see what expression is on their faces. Also apply for as much financial aid as possible. Apply for every scholarship you can.


Cheap, but effective education, in a locale that fits you.


make sure you visit as many as possible


I believe there has to be an active relationship between parent and student, so both can understand exactly what the student will be getting into. Parents and students should definitely visit the colleges together and ask questions to both students and faculty to figure out about life on campus (academics, extra-curricular activities, etc.). Students should definitely leave there comfort zone and meet many different types of people. This will open them up to many different groups of people so they can pick and choose the social network that they want to be involved with. Regardless of where the student attends school, they should strive to be successful academically and become more outgoing in many aspects of life (community service, meeting new people, joining clubs, etc.).


I would suggest finding an environment that would best suit the student. Whether it be a smaller school in order to get more personal one-on-one time with the professors or a larger school to get that large school environment!


I would tell the parents and students to learn everything about a college that they are considering to attend. Make sure that it is really what you are looking for, and that it is something that you are going to enjoy. You can't go through college being miserable or homesick. It just makes everything harder than it needs to be. Ask questions, talk to students, professors and financial advisors, even sit in on a few classes to see how things are done. Once all of these have been taken into consideration, then I would say that you are ready to make your choice. Remember, this choice is going to effect you in ways you would never imagine, and it will change you forever.


Research all options and weigh the costs (time, finances, etc). Compare several colleges of choice. Make visits to the campus to see if it may be the place you feel you belong. Be prepared to work hard to earn the best possible education from any college you decide on. This includes staying determined and focused as well as dedicated to the chosen college. Learn all that you possibly can academically. Learn about the various cultures and lives of diverse people so that you may come to appreciate them. Do your best to succeed at all levels in order to grow as a human and a person in your chosen career field.


Visit as many campus' as possible. Take a risk, if they choose a college far away, let them go! Enjoy your youth remember that your GPA is important, but the meomries are well worth combining social activities and hard work. after four years if you usually join the "real World" so have a blast while you are in college! Travel and take every opportunity that is presented!


Graduating high school is so very exciting, yet scary at the same time. Parents, you dont want to see your kids leave home, and seniors you have mixed emotions about the upcoming years. Take a deep breath in. Pray every night about your decision. Know what you like to do, the clubs you might want to join, the scenary....and visit as many schools as possible. The best advice is not to follow what your friends do. this is your choice...make it and go with it and be happy. get involved.


Make sure you visit the college before making your decision. Make sure that attending a college in another state is really what you want to do. You will not be able to see your friends and family for a long time. Ask about finacial aid and scholarships prior to your attending or arrival. When thinking about college remember that text books are expensive. Beg your parents for a car while in school. take classes that you will be able to use if you chose to transfer schools. Chose a good school because transfering is very messy. Work and then play. Time management is the key to being able to have fun after your homework is done. Do not give into peer pressure. Do not walk the campus alone if you are a women. Campus saftey will be happy to escort you back to your room. use condoms. choose your roomate wisely. Do not eat alot of junk food because you will gain wait. ask your professors for help, that is what they are there for. DO ALL YOUR WORK AND DO NOT GET DRUNK THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR FINAL EXAM!!!!