Tuskegee University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students body is full of ladies and gentlemen. When i first entered school I was scared because I thought it was going to be difficult meeting friendly people; however, everyone that I have come across, for the most part, have been amiable and down to earth people that are dedicated to their education.


My classmates are friendly and eager to help.


My classmates that I associate myself with are friendly and uplefting and supportive all the time.


My classmates are very helpful, we are like a family & everyone wants to see eachother succeed.


Uplifting,focused,determinedand energized.


My classmmates are very lively and full of excitment about being able to go to school for that he or she can have an successful future.


My classmates are intelligent, hilarious, friendly, creative, independent, and eager to learn new things.


Focused, fun and strivers.


My classmates are, wild,fun,smart,encouraging,and make life worth living.


During the time that I attended Tuskegee University, as a freshman the school year was very fun, exciting, comforting, educating, and constructive; Due to the fact that my classmates were very kind, helpful, and caring.


They are fun, crazy, smart, and literally "the future."


Being a student at Tuskegee University, I have experienced a great amount of culture and diversity; Tuskegee University has a cumulative population of over 3,000 students that is composed of some of the most academically gifted students from all 50 states.


My classmates are very focused and determined to reach all the goals they set for themselves.


We are an enthusiastic bunch who just want to do better than what we came from.


My classmates are very competitive , although they are helpful knowing we are all working towards the same goal, SUCCESS!


Some students are very focussed, whileothers seem apathetic.


My classmates are one of a kind.


My classmates are focused, energetic, strive for excellence with every project that we are given. This is the Tuskegee experience. We live by this saying. "Once a task has begun, its not complete until its done. Be thy labor great or small, do it well or not at all." striving for excellence is what we are taught, with or without the neccessary applications to get it done, we will find and use what ever we can or what is at hand to make every task that is started look like gold and shine like a diamond.


My classmates are a group of individuals of which the majority are well-balanced, focusing mainly on school but who still participate in social activity.


An interesting mix of school sprited fun loving out going individuals that strive to do great things.


All my classmates are very dedicated to school, fun, and exciting.

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