Tuskegee University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag the most about the great college experiences with friends (some academically and some outside of school) know that we are all working to towards the same goal; a degree in our chosen profession.


it is very fun, very prestigious, there is nothing down her though, not many places to go, you are going to want a car


The most thing I brag about when I tell my friends about my school is how close my class is and how we are able to help each other when it is needed. We all are awear that there are different types of people that came from different places and not to bash ones backround, but endure it and try to learn from one another. This is what i tell people when i talk about my school.


In all honesty, there's not much here to brag about. I'm currently unhappy with the quality of my education and college lifestyle. I am in the process of applying to other schools and looking to transfer for the Fall 2011 semester. I can say that I do appreciate the fact that Tuskegee University offers a smaller class environment than other Universities.


Its BEAUTIFUL ! The weather is wonderful . I campus life i s great. I met a lot of new friends around the world and most of them i can tell are going to be life long. I appericate the hands on help with my teachers. the dorm life is nice :)


My school is known to be a very prestigous college. So I tend to brag and tell most of my friends about that. Also we have a rich history.


It is ranked the 6th HBCU in the country (and we have FUN)


The one thing that I brag the most about my school is that it is a historic black college. It is so much history and pride at my school. Booker T. Washington, African American political leader and educator, founded Tuskegee University in 1881. Tuskegee University offer you so much from great courses that prepare you for your career, over a 100 clubs/organizations, campus activities, fraternities/sororities and over all you make great friendships that will last over a lifetime.


I tend to brag about the Tuskegee Airmen and how this university produced the first black four star general.


I brag all school staff that includes counselors, teachers, and students. I am really confortable with all the school staff because they are always to help students and ensure their concerns. I am international students and for me I find it hard to get used to a new environment but at the same time I can count with my counselor and teachers. For this reason I really brag about all my school staff and really proud of my staff.


My friends and the way the teaches interact with student who need more help than othere


The the staff really care for the students and they will go out of there way to help you in whatever you need that want all the student to be the best they can be and if you put the effort in the y will work with you I love this they become like your mom and dad when your so far away from home


When I tell others about Tuskegee what I brag most about is the history behind it all. It is full of culture and education. This HBCU was founded by some of the most prestigious men and women around leaving a legacy of leadership. It is such an important school that is an official historic landmark. Sometimes what one can learn in a book just doesn't compare with what one can experience for themselves.


We have an undefeated football team. We also win.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag mostly about its significance in history and to Africian Americans. I also like to tell them about how spirited Tuskegee is dispite the things that might discourage most students, all of us are proud to say we are Tuskegee men and women.


i brag about the parties, football games, activities, and some of my classes.


When I speak of my school, I brag about the partis or anything gree related


I tell them Tuskegee University is the only university in the U.S. that is a national historical site, how beautiful the campus is and how rich it is in African American history, i.e. Booker T Washington and George Washington Carver were educators there ( both buried on the campus), Tuskegee is the home of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, and subject of the disgraceful Tuskegee Experiment initiated by the United States government! I brag that the marching band is the "bomb"! (exceptional) and the football team is awesome. It has some good down home southern cooking in the cafeteria!!


For bragging purposes, I tell my friends about the historic scenery and the fact that we have a hotel, on-campus. And since my school is a proclaimed National Landmark, there are a lot of things to talk about. I start off telling my friends about the buildings and how they were built by the students during the late 1890s, up to the early 1900s. Then I move on to Tuskegee's historic chapel, where national dignitaries have spoken. The George Washington Carver Museum is the #1 attraction for worldwide tourists, and finally, "The Oaks", home of Booker T. Washington.

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