Tuskegee University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who doesn't get discourged easily.


A determined and hard-working person should attend this school. Also if you would like to know more about African American history Tuskegee is a great choice. It is also great for anyone looking to interact with people who are African American.


This school is made for any person to attend. The tutition may be high, but Tuskegee will work with you by offering scholarships and loans.


I would recommend Tuskegee University for a young man or women who is seeking a school that offers a smaller class room size and allows the students to develop a great realtionship with professors and peers.


Attending this University, you should be the kind of person that can balance your academics and extracurricular activites.


A focused but yet party loving person should attend Tuskegee University, because TU is full of party's but you still have to be very focused to get by also.


I believe a person who is open to different views, religions, and people should attend this school. Tuskegee is truly a dynamic school because it teaches you the importance of hardwork, perseverence, and knowing who you are and being aware of the world around you. A person who is bold, outgoing, and ready to learn should attend Tuskegee.


This school was designed for students who understand the importance of networking, and want to become skilled in their field of choice. Although my school is a historically black university, I would recommend any student that want to learn more about the African American heritage to attend. This school is rich in heritage because of its proud love of tradition. Also, most of the activities on campus involve forming families or bonds which makes for good networking in the future.


People who are self-motivated, independent, and friendly should enroll in Tuskegee university. The school may seem boring at times, but during the stale times, an independent person will find a way to make the best situations both academically and socially.


Tuskegee has good academics so i would recommend this school to anyone. If you are looking for a small university and a quiet city then Tuskegee University is for you.


The type of person that should attend school is a person with drive and have goals that they want to achieve. A person that sets the bar high and and push themselves to meet that bar and sometimes go over it. The type of person that can motivate not only themselves but other people around them to do better and to become a better person. A person that knows that they can achieve their goals even if everything does not go as planned.


Anyone could attend this school


Someone who is used to not having much to do


The kind of person that should attend this school is the kind of person who is academically focused and not afraid to interact with others. Being a people person is an important skill to develop on this campus as its so small and the only entertainment we have sometimes is eachother. Anyone that attends Tuskegee University will feel as though they are part of a huge family.


Anyone who is strongwilled and determined, no one who doesn't look at the glass as half full.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person who wants to pursue an enviorment that teaches you to learn on your own. Be ready to study material that is not always covered in class. A person of integrity, a person who works and operates and strives for excellence. A person who doesn't mind not being in a big city. A very family oriented person.


Tuskegee University is an HBCU ( historically black university or college). You should attend this school f you are your own person , your not a follower your a leder.


People that wants to succeed and become productive citzens in the world. The one who wants to apply themselves to become the best that they can become.


Creative and open minded people should come to Tuskegee University. If they are really serious about their school work but still like to have fun at times then this is the place for them. School spirit and togetherness are two of the many things that make Tuskegee the place it is, once you get to witness first hand what we call the "Tuskegee Experience" they will never want to leave!


Anyone who's comfortable with all walks of life. Someone who doesn't need to live in the big city to have fun.


A potential Tuskegee student must be prepared to go through the official "HBCU Run-around". The "HBCU Run-around" is when the administrative staff and faculty tell you to go to certain buildings to recieve particular service. During the "HBCU Run-around", you will either walk into or pass buildings, valued with distinct and historic prestige in the intellectual movement of African-Americans. Also, a potential Tuskegee student must be able to stand strong when barriers get in the way of his or her destiny. This person must be stong willed and determined in order to suceed at Tuskegee University.

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