Tuskegee University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not take your family’s money & household items for granted. Never let yourself to be less than what you really are. Pay attention and listen to the older and wise man.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is not easy. It's not like high school and you can't get away with not studying or not putting in maximum effort. The amount of effort you put in reflects your overall grade. I would tell myself to study hard and read the textbook before going to class to be able to undertand what the professor is saying during the lecture. I would tell myself to communicate with my professors so they are able to help me when I need it. I would tell myself to find study groups and make friends with students who are in my same major program and study with them for tests. I would tell myself that college is what you make it and never take for granted the opportunities you have at the moment because you may not get a second chance.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about what I know now about college life and making that big transition in life, I would advise myself to always stay true to who you are and stay focused. You will meet a lot of people during freshman orientation week that will not make it to the next semester or through the following semester. It is hard to watch your new found friends fail or not have enough money to continue their education because you want the best for them as you want for yourself. During your first semester of college, you will meet people that will be there for you 100% of the way but that next semester, everything will change. You will experience things you would have never even thought that you would experience because of the people that you are around or the things that you hear around campus. Always stay true to who you are as a person and be the best you can be. Do not let your so-called "friends" steer you away from your education due to campus gossip. Enjoy college and stay focused.


College can either make or brake you. Upon finishing my freshman year of college I learned many new aspects that can help me throughout life. If I could go back in time and talk to my highschool senior self, I would say plan well. Knowing what I know now I was not well prepared as a highschool senior. In highschool instead of taking only one AP course I should have taken multiple. I began to focus on colleges and universities toward the middle of my highschool year. I would have told myself aim higher, go above and beyond. Although I graduated at the top 20 percent of my class, I should have been in the top five percentile. Knowing the financial assitance given to incoming freshman I would have aimed for a specific educational goal. I would advise myself to stay focused and do not give up when times get rough. Although I can not go back in time I am glad I got through my freshman year of college. Even though I did not plan as well as I should, I did exceptional for me.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to worry about the opinions of other people, not to join Naval ROTC, to love myself, and to work as hard as possible. I would also tell myself that you can not please everyone. I always lived my life trying to make sure everybody else was happy when I really needed to be taking care of myself and making myself happy. That would have made so much of a difference now. Because of this, I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place; I no longer want to be a part of the program, yet I have no other way to pay for school. This summer I must decide whether I should stay in the program and sign off eight years of my life after college to the U.S. Navy, or whether I should take out loans to pay for college. There is not an option for a happy Raven" here and I now have a few weeks to decide. My final advice to my high school self: Make yourself happy before you do for others.


If I had the opportunity to talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take the college application, but more particularly, the scholarship search more seriously. I would go back and put in the necessary time and effort it takes to be successful at this task. I say this because I am now a junior in college and have realized that finding funds for college is a very grueling and time consuming task. Also, it is not something that can be avoided because it is necessary to have the funds in order to get the education one is seeking and ultimately become the pharmacist I am aspiring to one day become. While I am extremely proud of my achievements and accomplishments thus far, I feel that I would be a few steps closer to my dreams and aspirations had I taken heed in high school and listened to that piece of advice that everyone tried so desperately to instill into me.


I would say that you did a pretty good job but there are some things I want you to change. First study a lot more than you do now. Stay on top of Academic Decathlon. I know it may be overwhelming at first because of the other clubs you are apart of, but it is okay it does get better. Do not give up on Tri-M Honor society, it seems like it is falling off but you will be surprised how known it is. Junior Achievement was a great choice to stay with. Socialize is the key to success. Always keep that in mind. Follow your heart and have no doubts about anything. You are a strong minded young lady and people will be impressed with you. Just believe in yourself much more than you do and you will do great.


I would tell my high school self that he should fill out every scholarship possible when applying for college. It will be in his best interest, especially having the 3.2 GPA coming out of high school. Also, I would tell him to please manage his money very, very wisely his freshman year so that he will not have to juggle a part-time job and school including the fact that he will likely take up the engineering program. I would tell him that time management is key in his college success. Although I want him to enjoy college and network as much as possible, do not lose focus on what he is going to college for due to social events. I would remind him that college is going to be the best four or more years of his life but more importantly the pivotal time to transition into a productive adult. Lastly, I would tell him to "take care of home first and then do you" meaning that family is always first before anything then enjoy the freedom that will be upon you.


I would tell myself that no matter the challenges you face don't get discouarged because you can truly overcome anything. I would also say this is not easy and will constantly test you. So try your hardest don't get to caught up in the fun and stay focus on your dream. Even though you may just want to give up, you are the first in your family so do this for them. Be the role model you want to be for your brother and sisters. Show they no matter how many people put you down because of the neighborhood you grew up in that doesn't defined you as a person. Be the vocie your family hasn't had and prove to yourself you are worth the dreams you have. Turn your dreams into reality. Study more often if you need help ask for it even if your scared the worst thing you can do is not ask and fail. The last thing i would tell me is that no matter how much you struggle your mother will always be proud of you because you have done what she couldn't and her nagging will guide you forever.


The biggest piece of advice I would giv myself is to be more studious. If in high school I was more studious, more oppritunities would have been availiable for me. As we all know, going to college is not a cheap expense, so if I were in a better place acadmeically coming out of school, I would have been able to maybe go further away from school or be less of a financial burden for my family


If I could go back and advise myself as a high school senior, I would realistically tell myself to develop a habit of hard work EARLY. I graduated high school with a 3.3 GPA without trying. I would tell myself to make every class count becuase the harder you work in high school, the easier things will be in college for you. I have learned that if I had've worked hard in high school, working hard in college woulen't be such a major transition. I would also tell myself to become more open-minded, because in college you are forced to interact with MANY different people who often times have different views and feelings than you do. However, if one is open minded, it can help you grow as a person to understand other people's views and feelings as well as your own.


I would tell myself to prepare for depending on your own. Nobody is there to wake you up for your morning classes. Better prepare myself the class schedule to be different everyday. I would have to better organize all my paperwork, and to write down when assignments and exams are scheduled.


To be diligent in my studies becausemy past self will be attending at The University of the Incarnate Word in the near future and that he will have spend a suffient amount of time looking for scholarships because the university would be very expensive to attend classes at, so he should spend less time messing around.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, my advice that I would give to myself is to take full advantage of scholarship opportunities. Always stay forcus and set goals so that you can see your accomplishments. Remember you have younger brothers and sister that look up to you, be a Leader that you are.


I would tell myself to not take it as a joke like i did freshman year, everyone should see there professros every week, ask questions and dont be afraid to speak up and say if something is wrong or if you need help. also dont party as much it will not get your degree


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself that everything that mom and everyone at church told you is true. College is one of the toughest things that you will ever do. Ease up a bit, and take time to enjoy your senior year in high school, because you will not get the chance to relax in college. It's ok to have fun and balance is way more important sometimes than getting the highest grades. Know that no matter what you think, mom and dad love you and are proud of you no matter what.


I honesty think of this quetion everyday. I would tell myself to work on time management skills. I would also tell mself to research more scholarships so I wouldnt have to struggle to pay for school. I would also remind myself never to give up on my dream no matter what is thrown in my way.


If I could go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior, the first thing that I would say to my 17 year old self would be to enjoy the process. Don't be so quick to grow up-- you have the rest of your life to be an adult. Savor your youth, but use it wisely. Know that the decisions that you make now will have a great and lasting impact on your future. Being a high school senior is awesome and you have so many possibilites available to you. Take some time to decide what it is that you want to do with your life. Listen to your parents as they give you advise, but know that your parents can't and won't live your life for you. They can give you advise, but follow your gut instincts about what it is that you feel will make you happy and productive in the years to come. Afterall, a profession is often a lifetime decision and should be made with great care. Choosing your major in college is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your young life.


After high school, I didn't go directly to college. In fact, it has been four years, and I have just now enrolled at Mount Vernon Nazarene University for this fall. Many people strongly advised me to go straight to college after graduation. I am certainly glad I didn't take that advice. I don't know what it would have been like to do so, but I do know that the lessons I've learned in the last four years have been the best I've learned in my whole life. They've been hard, but they've changed me into a person who is responsible, genuine, caring, hardworking, and patient. Or at least, I'm more like that than I was. Maybe I would've learned the same lessons in college, or maybe not. Either way, this difficult journey has been essential to my growth as a human being. So if I were to go back today and give my high school self some advice, I'd say, "Luke, follow your heart. Don't be afraid to do what you know is right. And when things are painful, know that they will get better. Go and live."


If I would have the chance to go back and give myself advice, it would be simply put like this: No matter how hard things may get do not give up. If you feel your not doing good in a course do not hesisitate to ask for help.The resources are there if you do your research;Last but not least , A closed mouth will never get fed.


If i was able to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior the advice i would give myself to remember three things. Those three things is to never forget why you are attending college, work hard, and to have fun. The reason I say to not forget the main reason why you are attending college because it is very easy to get off track if you are not discipline enough to keep yourself focus. My second reason is to work hard. The reason I say to work hard is because there are times when you as a student get tired of doing all the school work, but one must puch through and know that it is hard work. That is why I say work hard because is you are working hard then you have no room to complain. My last reason is to have fun. Many people froget that college is also a place where you as a student cant network and meet all types of people from diffrernt parts of the work. So take advantage of this opportunity to network with your peers. These are the three things I would have shared.


I want to stress the importance of choosing friends wisely. Often times the poeple we associate with will have an impact on our thoughts, actions and future. It is important to identify what your goals are and to contiue to reflect on what you want out of life. If the poeple you are associating do not have the same mindset, they could possibly cause you to go down the wrong path or become complacent. Also, I have learned that time management and studying is very key to success. Try to stick to a schedule so you stay on track. The last two things are to stay focused and build professional work experience. Focusing on your goals and objectives from college is very important. You life and success is determined by the choices you make so it is pivotal that you remain focused on your life plans. Last but not least, work experience. Seek internships even if they are not paid, in the long run you will gain invaluable experience. I hope you take this advice seriously and follow through with it; I truly believe if you do you will find much success in all your future endeavors.


I would give myself advice on early preparation for college. I would tell myself to start early in seeking and applying for scholarships and to spend time studying for the SAT because your score can depend on the amount of scholarship money that you receive from an institution. I would have sought a long-term mentor in my field to keep in touch. Also, I would volunteer more time assisting in the hopital and doctor's office in which I did internships, to gain additional knowledge and experience. Also, start early visiting schools that you plan to submit applications. Prior to leaving for college, I would remind myself that I am investing in my future and that I have a goal and no one will stop me from obtaining that goal. Although I had good study habits, I would advise myself to devote a little time each day to study for my most difficult classes or to work on upcoming projects regardless of when the assignments are due. Take advantage of study groups and tutoring sessions. Make sure that I keep good notes from classes and labs.


Be asserrtive about your classes, and be ready to change your study habits. Better words you need to gain some study habits. QUICK! Communication with upper classmen. They have been in those classes, and they can help you understand what there is to learn so that you can get A's.


I would tell my self to stay focued no matter what the cirrcumstances are at home, because I can't change them. Tutoring would not be an option to miss and going to class everyday wouldn't be either. I would talk to my teachers frequently, and instead of going to parties on the weekends I would spend that time going over the work that I have already done and look over the work that will be presented the next week. Applying for more scholarships would have been a major goal that I would pursue, and achieve. Also going to counseling would be a big help considering all the things that went on and would go on in my life during that time. My social life would be a lot less knowing that my studies are much more important and I would have plenty of time to hang out and relax with my friends. I would also have ran track the first year so I can get an athletic scholoarship, that have being my motivation to keep my grades up. Last I would have taking my first college summer to either go to summer school or get an internship.


I would prepare myself more. I would also become more independent on myself, and minimize asking from others so much. I would also start to develop stronger study habits, and time management. I would not worry about hanging out as much with friends because I've learned that could be a major distraction. I would also be a bit more organize with my work and papers


I would say to myself "Keondrea you have all the time in the world to grow up. As you decide on what college to attend consider the fact that you may possibly be 3000 miles away from home. Are you ready for that? I know that being away from home seems like you would have all the freedom in the world. Don't go across the country to prove the point that you can do things on your own. We both know your potential. Being in Alabama may teach you things about yourself, but the anxiety that it will bring you will not be worth it. You still need a little more grooming. You're just not ready to that far from home, and family support. Consider all your college choices, and choose the one that is most benificial to your current mentality. Be smart, and choose wisely."


If I could go back in time and speak to myself when I was a high school senior I would say stop slacking off self. I would also say stop worrying about everything but school. Present Self: You need to shape up because this doing whatever you want and having no responsibilities is going to bite you in the rear if you don't shape up. Senior Self: Does it really matter? Present Self: Yes, because if you don't you are going to end up a mother of three busting your behind trying to get a degree at 28. In doing so you will start your career later and struggle with more stress than that of a young adult. Get your priorities straight and focus. Senior Self: Is it going to be that hard if I wait? Present Self: College isn't easy at any age but taking what you get in high school, applying yourself and dedication will get you further than not caring about your future. Senior Self: Well, if you are really from my future and you are telling me that the next ten years are going to be hard then I need to straighten up!


Knowing what I know now, I would tell my high school self to not panic and be nervous on the first day. Everything will be fine and work out in the end. I would also tell myself to voice my opinion more and to be more outgoing. The friends you will make will be life time friends and the network and connections that comes out of those friendships will always help you out in the end. I would tell myself to not lose who you really are. College might be big but stay true to yourself. I would say stay the same nerd you are because in college, everyone is a nerd and that's a good thing. Have fun but also make sure you continue studying and working hard. You are in college for a reason and that is to get your education. You will come across some obstacles but being the strong person you are, you will get through them with ease and come out stronger. The last words I would say to my younger self is to never give up. Perserverance and faith is key in college.


There are many things that I have established while attending college. One thing that is very important to me is to not procrastinate. The many times in high school when you were able to hand in late work, there are no opportunities like that in college. So if I could go back in time and give advice to myself on the way to get ready for college I would encourage myself to not procrastinate. I would express to myself that only hard work gets you through big things and that is all college is about. The many things would be to make smart decisions and make sure you adapt to the way of college. The college life is way different from the high school experience in vast ways. The one thing that many think about college is the partying, drinking, and smoking that peer pressure leads you to. The main reason this is important is because you may think its honky dory to do so but it is not. This just leads to getting ejected from college and wasting your time and money. So the one major thing is really just make the right choices once you get in college.


My educational experience has taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. I have learned the importance of active reading and searching for knowledge and truth beyond the classroom. My hunger and desire to explore the world to use my knowledge and skills to help others is exciting and overwhelming. It has been a privilege and honor to attend college in this day and age. I understand the importance and necessity of education, and I want to pass that on to others. Education has opened doors for me that no man can shut. I am truly proud to be a college graduate. As an alumnus of Tuskegee University, I have learned what it actually means to embrace who you are and where you come from. Prior to attending Tuskegee, I was ashamed of being an African American. In my heart, I fought the core belief that being black was a curse. Enrolling in courses like Africana Philosophy and African American Literature gave me a deeper love and appreciation for my people and the struggle we have gone through. Now, I can proudly say that I am honored to be an African American despite how I am portrayed in society.


I have gotton three important things out of college. Independence, friendships, and hardships. My reason to move from a big city to the small town of tuskegee was very dramatic ! I had to adjust to not see bright city light, and not hearing a lot of noice, not have public transportation and just having to make the best living in the country. I learned how to be independent. I didnt have my parents naging me andd i had to do my chool work or get kicked out. I learned with friends from High school that their not all goign to be your friend when you go away and come bak for break. I learned that my closest friends i have found in college. Lastly the hardship i've had to go throught with grades, money, eating healthy , and learning how to be an adult was a wake up call! I belive that every high school senior should attend at least one year of post secondary learning ! College life will grow you ,make you cry, bring you closer to you books and be the BEST time of your life ! :)


It is a test of ones knowledge but not as bad as I first tought it would be. However I only have been trough one semester and the real challenge has yet to come. I am ready for whatever they will throw at me.


If you had asked me this question a year ago, it is likely that I would have awkwardly said “yes, well, about that…” still in shock that I was able to even pass PSYCH 101… I got an A. I was a high school senior at the time who started fall quarter with low expectations of herself and high amounts of self-doubt. I took one class that quarter, just one! I did not think I would do well, but being put in the college setting with college-level standards gave me the motivation to work my butt off and wait patiently for the results, instead of slack off because I felt I would fail anyway. The experience of having such motivation has been highly valuable, considering the A I got in my very first college class showed me that I could do far beyond my expectations. Having met the high standards of my professor boosted my self-confidence, and my experience in just that one class still affects my attitude as I go through each course. In conclusion, I have developed higher expectations and lower amounts of self-doubt through college; this is valuable in my future education.


I have learned that one the most important aspects of life is the end product. When people look at who you are they are seeing how you have presented yourself for that day. They do not see the time you spent preparing yourself for the day in the morning, they can only see what is in front of them. This is why appearance is very important in all setting. This is the same for the work you do. Future employers do not see how many hours you spent studying every night to get the degree you have. They can only see a piece of paper that tells them that you have received that degree. Some might find it unfair for someone to work hard but not be able to achieve the standard level. What this must be take in to consideration is that, if they let this hard working person who wanted to become a veterinarian work on this pet, they could harm it. Even though they work hard and are passionate about what they do, they are not qualified for the job. For this reason you most excel at your chosen career.


So far my college experience has shown me how to gain independence. College is all about networking and learning how to adapt to your surrounding and others as well. Adapting to college has shown me many different ways of being successful and as a college freshman I already feel as if im on the road to success. As a black African American women attending a Historically Black College/University (HBCU), seeing that many successors accomplished things motivates me and pushes me towards the right path. When attending college you are not always in a classroom environment learning things, I gain knowledge outside of the classroom and learn valuable facts about my school. Majority of my college experience has helped me out in my everyday life.


What I have gotten the most out of my school is learning to work with different people who don't share the same views as you do, even if you are of the same color. I needed to learn how to better get along with them, even if they weren't my friends in order work on specific projects or research. I became a better people's person because of this. Another thing I've gotten out here is the preseverance. No matter how far behind the school is, we students have to work with each other and take whatever information there is available in order to accomplish our tasks. This way, me & my classmates can tackle anything in our way, and help us get ready for the real world.


College is a big step in one's life. It can be one of the most important step in your life that aids you in achieving the career of your choice. Thus far, I have gotten a lot out of my college experience. Besides the being more knowledgeable, college made me more mature, more focused, and pushed me to get things done and not procrastinate. College will change you. At first you may not notice it, but when you reevaluate yourself, you will see that the person that first can into college, is not that person now. College is a valuable choice in life if you stay on task and remember why you are there.


I was the first in my family to go to college. My parents didn't go and my grandparents worked the fields as sharecroppers in Mississippi. My brother and sister also did not go. I decided to leave Detroit and go back to where my paternal family was - Alabama. My family was two hours away from campus and was a great resource to have even if the only thing they gave me was paper towel and sodas for my dorm room - it was enough because it was all they had. I was always good in math and science an engineering was a natural choice for a major. My professors were top notch and helped me learn kinds of math that I didn't know existed. I had seven good friends, who became like sisters. They encouraged me to be my best and also took some really cool road trips with me. I became self sufficient by leaving home and going to college hundreds of miles away. I became an independent thinker who became aware of the world around me. I entered college a naive girl and left as an educated person ready to contribute to my commmunity and society.


Out of my community college experience I've learned to be humble and accept any learning that I can recieve. Even when you may think little of a class it may be the one you learn the most in. So take a variety of classes within your major. From my experience on a four year college I've learned skills needed to live away from home. I've learned the simple things in life. I bring my laundry down stairs to wash in a washer and dry in a dryer that are not mine. And that is humbling also. Where my education may take me I am unsure of but I now know that even if I struggle along the way I can go to a laundrymat and eat ramen noodles till I have found better days. And, in the end, everything will work out.


College has allowed me to enhance mentally, socially, and most academically. It has opened my eyes to new ideas and people from many different places. My school has given me the opportunity to excel, make lifelong friends and connections, and it is preparing me for a career in helping many people. Most of all it has allowed me to emerge in my heritage and surround myself with the resources to a great destiny.


I am intending on attending Cornerstone University and majoring in Family Studies with a minor in either Sociology or Pyschology. I am living with my parents temporarily and am getting no help financially from them for college or anything. I am working as much as I possibly can but it still is not enough for private college. I am asking you to highly consider me for this scholarship. I would greatly appreciate it and use it wisely. You will not have to worry about me taking anything for granted. Please consider me. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


As a college freshman at first it can be hard to adjust to the college lifestyle. Being the youngest out of eight siblings and the first to go to college it's kind of different. You feel like all eyes are on you and which they are. All my life I depended on my parents and my siblings. I practically did anything because everything was done for me. Living at college has taught me to fend for myself. The college experience is a experience that is like no other. Its fun and exciting. I am honored to say that is has been valuable to attend because I for once had grown up. College shapes you into the young men or woman you were meant to be in life. Not only that, its also is truly amazing. You have people with the same goals as you and friends that could last a lifetime.


I have gotten a few thing out of my college experince. One of the main experiences is independence. I am very independent. I am a full time student and I also work full time. I have become a stronger person since I started school. On the flip side to that I am also a good team player. I have had many group project in my 2years and they have also made me stronger in that area. Those are a few things that I have gotten out of my college experince.


Going from California to Alabama has been such big change for me because I'm so used to being in a big city, however attending Tuskegee University for my first year has given me a new view on life and I have been given a sense of accomplishment. Moving to such a small city as Tuskegee, I actually enjoy the slow down that I have been put through, it gives me time to relax and think about life which is hard when you usually fast-pacing through life. Also, when I came in I had received a work study job working in a research lab and I enjoyed making my own money for the first time, as well as having such a wonderful job that actually guided me to changing my major from Biology/Pre-Med to Clinical Laboratory Science, and pursuing my new career goal as a Biomedical Researcher. Just in my first year I have performed two experiments and presented one of them in a research competition. Just this feel of completion in what I've done and the confidence in what I want to do is what I have received from Tuskegee University.


Attending college has been a great experience, because it has enhanced my communication skills, networking, and other skills that had already developed. I think that it is very mandatory for students, and other individuals to attend college, because it can help sustain healthy and well-educated people.


I have learned to become even more of a woman as I grow into this adult world. I have learned how to act when dealing with higher authority when issues arise and I also have learned how to coincide well with my fellow peers. Going to college has made me mature so much and I've only gone through my freshman year. It has been absolutely amazing going through all of the experiences, the good and the bad, because they have made me into a well-rounded individual and a strong minded young adult that I am now. Attending college has made me learn and value so much about myself and others that now I realize that these attributes are definitely beneficial to my well being in the future.


What's up John'Tavius? I know you may feel as if you have the perfect college plan. "Get the girls, money, and stay fly. But with that plan, you are forgetting about the most essential part, grades. You are a smart kid. You have visited Tuskegee. Tuskegee is exactly as it seemed when you visited. The girls are beautiful; the experience is exciting. There will also be various distractions on campus as soon as you begin to matriculate, such as: drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases, and guns. Since you grew up in a bad neighborhood, none of these distractions should keep you from completing your college goal and earning good grades. Remember to not only strive to have a great G.P.A., but to learn as much as possible before you graduate from college in 2010. Drug dealers are not trustworthy. Do not do any drugs! You are a nice looking guy. The girls will come. Trust me, as soon as you arive on campus, the ladies will be there to greet you, personally. Failure is not an obtion. Everything seems better when you have good grades. Tell mama, daddy and Amber I said, "I told you so!"


Now that I have experienced two years of college life, I have learned the importance of being very selective of friends and associates. If I could go back to my senior year in high school, I would definitely instruct myself on the linguistics (or art) of meeting new people. Ultimately, it is your circle of friends that greatly contributes to your success or failure at the college level. My recent discovery of this truth has compelled me to be more inquisitive about the morals and values of the people that I meet. When I entered college as a freshman, I assumed that friendship followed the same guidelines as high school friendships, but I was wrong. The apparent freedom and independence of college life have alloted some students the priviledge of moving beyond the boundary of what is safe and sound. When I identify these type of students, I make great efforts to distant myself from them.


I would tell myself to be more orgnized. It was hard for me to make the transition because in high school I was stuck in classes all day. Now that I'm in college i get a lot of free time between classes. Utilizing the free time is very important and can reflect in my grades and performance.

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