Tuskegee University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That it wouldn't be as easy as I thought


Before I came to Tuskegee, I thought it was going to be like every other college campus with parties, fraternities and sororities, and more school spirit. However, I was a little wrong. There were not a lot of on-campus parties, most of the fraternities and sororities were either not allowed to be on the yard or just were not as involved as expected and most of the students did not have as much school spirit. I wish that I knew what I was getting into but I would not change anything about the experience I have had so far.


What exactly I wanted to major in. I feel that I wasted a lot of time by not choosing a major sooner.


I wish I would have known where I would be right now...at home sitting out a semester, working, paying out of pocket to get back in school. I would have been more focused on my studies and not focused on what was going on at home. Because no matter what was going on at home I was there in Alabama and my family was in Milwaukee. Through all the issues and problems, I still did and couldn't do nothing. In the end I messed my self up academically and financially. I would change me!!!


I wish I knew that the campus was huge and that it was over a mile to get to your classes.


I wish i had know more about the area surrounding Tuskegee's campus. Tuskegee is a very poor town, and there are not a lot of places to shop. There are a few, but the places that have a greater quality of food and products are located outside of the town. I also wish I would have connected with the alumni chapter of New York City to connect and ask questions prior to coming to Tuskegee. It would have been nice to connect with the alumni of Tuskegee from New York.


Prior to attending school, I wish that my knowledge was broadened.


Honestly nothing. Before I came to this school I had great knowledge of this university. The legacy and history of this school of this university is a great and its a honor for me to able to attend this university.


That the campus is in a rural community there is not much to do off campus. Because we ase so far away from the city. To get to the city of is a large task when you need to go to walmart and pick up snack for your room are personal goods


If you don't have your finances in order then its no point in attending school.


I wish I had known that there is absolutely no room to make mistakes because it is very hard to catch up once you get behind in your work and responsibilities.


I wish I knew about the way of life on campus. There were a lot of things about campus life that I did not know. Almost everynight there is going to be something going on no matter what day it is. Just have to learn how to be responible and stay focus.


no, i knew what type of rural place i was heading to, i prefer the country side over city anyway.


That there is nothing to do in the city other than go to the club


The only thing I wish I had known before attending Tuskegee University would be how to manage my time properly and develop better study habits. Luckily for me I got with a group of study oriented people who helped me develop thise habits.


Yes. I would have went to school in a big city


I wish that i would have toured the community before i came because now i have to drive 20 min. to go to the bank, store, mall, or whatever else.


the housing


That it would be so much work.


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