Tuskegee University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Tuskegee University would have to be the oppruntities the school provides. The school often has people in the filed you are studying come in and speak to a class, to better inform students.


The best thing at Tuskegee University is the bond that you create with the people there. The staff, the students, the teachers all look out for you. If you need something someone can direct you to someone and they can help you right away.


The opportunities that they offer. An the way they plan events thats can get so many different people to see each other as family.An the way they accept a large diversity of students with very different backgrounds and skills they can contribute to the school.


I consider the school spirit the best thing at Tuskegee University. The students at Tuskegee are very friendly, almost like a second family. The atmosphere of the school provide the perfect combination of fun and eductation that nutrures the growth of the students intellect as well. The culmination of the school spirit and acadmic atmosphere provide an almost percect college experience.


The best thing about Tuskegee University is the family vibe once you step on campus because everybody looks out for each other.


The school spirt at games. They are always full of fun. Teacher - Student realationships. They are there for you to suceed and they want to help you get there. All you have to do is speak up.


The history at Tuskegee University is the best thing at my school. Tuskegee University is a historically black college and was founded by poor ex-slaves. They had determination and goals to succeed and somehow educate themselves. To me to see the struggle they went through and all the hardwork they put into making the university what it is today, gives me hope to succeed. It also inspires me to push more towards my goals and overcome any obstacles I am faced with in life.


I consider the best timg about my school is the farm. Since im an animal scinece major and i enjoy hands on activities with the farm animals. I've never had up close encounters with farm animals and thats what really has put an spark in my goal to become a Vet. I appericate that the farm is close to campus !:)


The historical significance about it. Long ago the school was built by its very own students. It was a safe haven, for many decades, of African Americans who wanted higher education in the South. The school is also well know for their training of the military soldiers in the Air Force. Also, the famous Syphillis experiments were conducted at the former Andrew hospital, which was terminated back in the 1970s. Overall the school is little, but has deep American history.


Being a historically black university, I considered Tuskegee for its rich history and academic legacy. Here is a place, where anyone, regardless oless of social status, hierarchy, or style, one is accepted.


The best thing about Tuskegee University is the campus life, because every event I attend on campus is so much fun. The events thrown are always so creative and new to me, especially since it was my first year. The events are so full of energy that even when the actual event is boring the students in the audience are so energetic that there's no way to not enjoy yourself.


The best thing about Tuskegee University in my opinion is the tradition and history. Going to school here, you will learn so much about black history and the civil rights movement.


The history of Tuskegee University is the best thing about the school. Knowing that my school was built on sweat and determination by my ancestors makes me want to make there hard work worth while. Booker T Washington started Tuskegee to help African Americans start a new tomorrow. Each generation that has come out of Tuskegee University has contributed great success to the world. I attend Tuskegee University with great pride knowing that I will change the world because of the education, morals, and self determination they have equipped me with. Tuskegee's history is their best assect.


the diversity and academics/social life


The fact that it is an HBCU making us wordly known in some communities; however, not all.


The best thing about my school is the cooperation and helpfulness of professors.


Our Agriculture program is probably the best academic program at our school. Socially our football games are the best they bring all the students together to have fun.


The family filled spirit on campus. Everyone feels like family.


The best thing about my school is the student body itself. Why? It is because they make the campus come alive.


The fact hat it is small


Its willingness to assist students athletes. Because I'm a student athlete I know the rigors of trying to gain a degree all while training and competing at a collegiate level.


the student body because you find really good friendships

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