Tyler Junior College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person thats not serious about school and getting a eduction right now. The professors are serious about the class time so they dont want students that dont want to be there wasting time.


A person not wanting to succeed.


A person who is not serious about college shouldn't attend this school and definitely shouldn't apply for the radiology program. The program is hectic, time consuming, and stressful. You have to really be interested in the field when you get into it. It isn't for those who just want to "try something out".


I believe that anyone who desires to take great college courses in an environment that has more personal interaction than most major universities would excell and truly enjoy this school. Those who are looking for the large college environment would not really find that here.


Someone is no about acheiving your goal to what ever career your seeking to go into. Advisors modivate you help with direction in the field of study you wish to study. All around if your about getting the job done and have a great experience at the same time this is the school for you!