Tyler Junior College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First, I would begin by telling myself about all the wonderful learning experiences I will have. I would tell of the people I would meet, the places I would go and the hoops I would jump through to get there. I would urge myself to strive to do my best and not be afraid to take “the road less traveled”. I would remind myself that there's not enough time in a day to do the things you would like to do and that often times your personal or social life will be put on hold. I would smile as I told myself that reading a text MESSAGE will be reduced to simply reading text. Through all of this, the days grow longer the nights grow shorter, probably because you are up through half of it studying for a test or two. I would tell myself to develop the skill of time management. I would tell myself that it would minimize the stress level and maximize the time you have outside of class. However, I would leave myself with a little encouragement.... reminding me that I CAN do anything I put my mind to. I am more than a conqueror.


Honestly I would tell myself to work harder so than I could be able to get into a University instead of a Junior college. You know its bigger girl, and you know it would be tough but, you definitely should have thought it through before you only applied to one school. My biggest advice would be for you to go ahead and choose a University. Think about what you wanna major in some more before you just go undecided. Study harder for those SAT's before its too late and don't listen to what anybody else has to say because I know you can do it.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior in high school, from the very begnning of the year I would tell myself to sign up for college classes while in high school to get a few out of the way. I would tell myself that its not much different from high school and the transition is easy, and that you need to apply for every scholarship on gladewater highs website so you can help pay for school. you learn how to be so much more responisble for yourself and actually enjoy class because you spend less time there. I would tell myself that 8 a.m classes are not that bad, and neither are 8 pm classes. I would also want myself to know that life gets a little harder, and you meet people, and have temptions that make you want to quit, don't let those get to you, keep striving and never loose sight of why you are going to college.


Never give up on college becasue that can be your chance to change the world with your knowlegede. College has alot of people form different walks of life that can help you with your degree. College will gear you up with the skills and performace that you will need in the real world. Being able to complete college is a big gaol to accomplish and that it takes time but it will pay off.


In high school I was not only involved in everything but also a leader of most of the programs. I was a top student academically so high school is a great memory for me. When graduation came all of my friends went straight out of high school to big time Universities and so my choice to attend a Junior college was something that embarrassed me. Going back and talking to my high school I would remind myself to be proud to be able to attend college and not be embarrassed. I would want to remind myself that a college education is something most people cannot receive for many reasons and that college is a place where you get to live your dreams and become all that you can and not live in the past but use the past to guide my future. Now I know it was the best decision I could have made to attend Tyler Junior College. It is a great school and is something I am now proud of. I will graduate in the spring with my Associates and will then move to a University to continue my education in becoming a Registered Dietitian.


If I were a high school senior again, I would put more emphasis on studying and time management skills. When I was in high school I did not have to study very much for many of my tests and would do well on them. Once I got to college and had exams, I had to put much more time into my preparation for the exam. This was a difficult adjustment for me because I was working at a job in the evenings as well. Now, I would take the exam more seriously and budget my time better so that I began working on the project or studying days in advance. Making good grades are important to me and I know that in college I must work harder in order to maintain a high average for the career area I want to pursue. I know that my teachers in high school tried to prepare me for college, but it had to be up to me to put forth the effort to do well. College has shown me that I have to put time and effort into my studies if I want to succeed as an engineer.


I would have took high school more serious not just my senior year. I would tell myself to pay more attention in classs. Do my homework, not sleep in class, and put more work into thinking about college. Applied to more colleges took some night classes or summer school to get ahead. Also i would of apply to more schlorships and thought more about what i wanted to do with my life. Took more people serious when they told me that college was harder than high school. That i couldnt slack off in class and still pass. But to get ahead finish my work before it was due and just put in hard work into my homework and got A's like i should've at the begining of high school.


Lauren.. You shoudn't graduate early. You should stay at Alba for your full senior year. You'll miss your friends and your family while you're away in Dallas for the two years you waste. College life is a lot harder when all of your friends have moved on and you don't know anybody who you're in class with. It's hard being a single, working mom AND going to school full-time. You'll be stressed out all the time, not only about school, but about everything else. You'll regret a lot if you graduate early. Just be patient.. graduation will be here before you know it.


I would of told myself to search for scholarships and take every oppurtunity that came my way to make money. Saving money for school should have been my top priority. College is expensive. I always thought my parents had a secret stash set aside...reality hit when paying for college was in my hands.


I would give myself the advice to take school seriously. When first entering college I didn't realize the importance of studying every night, taking notes, going to class, and getting to bed on time. I had to learn the hard way (by getting a D and a few C's), that college isn't a joke and it takes dedication and hard work to succeed in life. If college was easy, everyone could do it. I'm glad I learned those lessons early, because my study habits have come in handy now!


If I could go back in time I would have advised myself to not move out of my parents house so quickly. I jumped at the opportunity to move out and ended up getting my life and school grades off track for a while. Knowing what I know today about college and all the pressures and temptations there are, I would have told myself to take it so much more serious and that what I am studying will eventually be my career. I would have told myself to fill out as many scholarships as possible. College is not cheap. I would have told myself to choose my friends wisely and anyone willing to try and bring me down is not a friend. I would have advised myself to not have a boyfriend at that time and that church and my relationship with God should come before anything.


I would say: 'You already know what to do. You did it right the first time. If life in school were always about being ahead of the game and getting a head start on everything, you'd always be living ahead of yourself. And by the time you slow down, your going to regret not always living in the now. So only left to say is this: 'Breathe in slowly, nice and deep. Get to stuying, because soon you'll sleep. It's not always hard, so please don't weep. The crunch time's coming, bye bye sheep. Don't slack off, study a lot. Don't ever cheat, you'll get caught. Use the pricey stuff, that your parents bought. Go for the degree, which you always sought. If you need help, be sure to ask. Focus on your future, but don't forget your past. Meet new people, make friends that'll last. Most of all have fun, because it goes by fast!'


Meet with your counselor to discuss your college plans. Review your schedule with him or her to make sure you're enrolled in challenging classes that will help you prepare for college. Colleges prefer four years of English, history, math, science, and a foreign language. Use College Search to find out the required courses and tests of colleges that you might be interested in attending. Start a calendar with important dates and deadlines. Get more involved with your extracurricular activities. Go to college fairs in your area. Learn about CollegesLearn about college costs and how financial aid works. Use the College Savings Calculator to see how much money you'll need for college, whether you're on track to save enough, and what you need to do to reach your goal. Talk to your parents about financing college. Visit colleges while they're in session. Find out about college firsthand from college friends who are home for the holidays. Prepare for TestsTalk to your counselor and teachers about taking SAT Subject Tests? in your strong subjects this spring. Take Subject Tests such as World History, Biology E/M, and Chemistry while the material is still fresh in your mind.


Tayler, get yourself in the right study habits. Right now, as a senior, let's be honest, classes seem a bit easier than the other years so it makes you think you can slide right by. This isn't true for college, especially your first semester! Studying will really get you the great grades you want, and make you feel very accomplished. Start wanting to learn the subjects you're in. It makes school more fun and again, those grades will rise for this as well. Stop worrying about those kids that think they're so cool. All the studying you do won't take away from fun. In fact, you should leanr to balance them because when you get to college and you're the one doing great and those kids back in high school weren't, you'll be the one with the last laugh. Lastly, really strive to be the best.


Keep your future of college in mind during all choices you make in this final year of high school. Do not be distracted by lack of encouragement to pursue collegiate dreams and/or false implications of an alternate married life requiring no school attendance on your part. Education will lead you to a sound, stable future. It should be your focus in high school, especially during your senior year. Enjoy time with peers, but do not let it consume you. Remember that you are an intelligent, able student with great potential that will expand and lead you to better places.


When I was a senior, I took college classes at the local Community College. Because I was working full time as well, I only took two classes. If I could return to that time and offer advice to myself, I would give high encouragement to take more classes and truly take advantage of a virtually free education. This would have aided in the transition, not only financially, but also the simple class room experience would have benefitted my success as a college student today. Also personally, I would highly advise spending much more time with my family. I am very far from home now and I know I took advantage of many days with my mom, dad and four siblings. If I knew how much my heart ached to be with them now, I would have spent more time realizing and acknowledging my many blessings.


First off, I went to Baylor University right out of high school. I grew up in a little town of only 400 people, so moving up to Waco and going to such a large school proved to be a struggle for me. The classes were so packed and I didn't get the help I needed from my professors. Also, the campus was hard to navigate. At Tyler Junior College, things are much easier for me. It is much easier to get around campus, the classes are smaller, and I am not afraid to ask my professors for help. And best of all, the professors are not too busy to provide me with the help I need. It is just altogether a better experience. So if I could talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to go to Tyler Junior College first so that I would have had a great first year experience, rather than having a horrible one that caused me to stay out of school for three years.


I would say you need to put a lot more effort in what you do. College life maybe a lot tougher than high school. I would be facing many new challenges once I get there. As they say, it is a whole different world from where I come from. My advice is that you need to know where you are going and where you are getting yourself into. You need to know what obstacles you will need to cross over in college. You need to choose your time, classes, materials, and destination wisely. But most of all, you need to when to say when and when not to go over the limit. Plan ahead, do your homework and research all your materials and sources before you make a final decision. Best of all be sucessful in what you do. Make all the best friends you can while your in college. When you choose classes, choose the ones you feel you can really work with and do not just choose for what you think is good. Always budget yourself and your time. Do not have too much fun and put off your study time. Always be prepared and be on time.


If I could go back to high school as a senior, I would have explored my options more. I would have researched and talked to professionals. I did not even know that the profession I am pursuing existed! It takes experience to understand the need for finding a career that suits you. I knew I wanted to work outside I love technology. Only after being "out in the real world" for a few years did I discover a career path that would fit my life and that I would enjoy so much. If I could go back, I would encourage myself to get the core classes done and then take some time, maybe a year or two to find out what you love. That way, you would have your bases covered and then you can figure out what direction you want to go. It helps to start with college to aid in the transition and navigate all the new found freedoms and responsibility.


High school and college are pretty different. In high school, things are more regulated and the teachers see you more often which means they can take their time explaining things and making sure everyone understands. In college, everything is more relaxed. The classes are for half the time as a high school class and the teachers run through the material at a rapid pace. If you don't read the chapters or miss one class, you can get way behind.


1995....The year I would arrive and see myself, probably in Mr. Young's Physics class sitting in the back row sneaking some hot tamales candy, while getting ready to take one of his famous pop quizes with Mozart playing in the background. After the probable shock of my past self seeing me appear, I would commence to communicate without any other in the room aware of my presence. I could then inform the scrawny senior sitting in front of me, having his undivided attention, that he has a road in front of him that is going to have a fork in it once high school is finished. This fork, I will tell him, will have a attractive and wide path going to the left that most classmates will travel. This path will have lots of fun without lots of work. Then I will tell him of the path to the right, which is narrower and not as inviting. This path will require determination, committment, and perserverance. Those that take the path to the right will be the ones that become proffessionals in their careers. I will tell this senior to stay on the right path no matter how hard!


College isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Don't try and cram all that you can in a small time frame. Living a little bit is okay, too, so make every experience count. Don't stress on the little details, and, of course, never give up. Times will be tough and managing money will become a major ordeal, but keep those you can trust close so that you don't fall back by yourself. You will notice a sense of freedom, just like you've always wanted, but don't be afraid, you'll be surprised how hard work pays off. You'll meet interesting people, including your professors. Some act tough and mean, but they aren't all that bad. Education is a choice you make, so keep your goals and future plans in mind. Growing up can be fun, I promise.


STUDY STUDY STUDY!!! Don't goof off and take pictures in class when your supposed to be doing classwork! College is not a walk in the park, so gear up and get to work. Also, all these "late nights" on facebook and myspace will have to stop, if you honestly think you can function through lectrure running on 3 1/2 hours of sleep, your only kidding yourself, or myself. And you will have to stop blowing your money on new clothes every 2 weeks. You'll understand the real value of a dollar when you don't have one at all! And last but not least, as much as you say your going to start studying and applying yourself, blah blah blah, your not. So why not start now, and get in the rutine of doing it, TRUST me, it makes things MUCH easier. Good Luck!


The advace i would give myself is not to get pregnet and get married frist. I would also tell myself to go to college and finish it before ever getting married and having kids. Anotherthing i would say is to take the harder classes frist and mix it up with the one that are not hard. I would also made sure all of my learning dissable pappers get to the college so i could go and have more help with the classes i don't understand. i have a very strong believe that if i had not had kids and got married i would not be so stressed out and worried about everything, like bill, passing school, taking care of the kids when they are sick.


First and farmost I would begin by seeking through advisement on how to obtain college credits in high school and scholarships that follow a graduating senior and on coming freshmen to a college campus. I would everyday modivate myself and continue to remind myself that my education is an important asset to my future. During those last months of school as a senior I would try my best not to get too caught up in the mood and excitement about being a senior and graduation but work on enrollment in college. I would shift my excitement from the affairs of high schoolHowimportant it is to go to college and work hard on doing just that. College life brings about much responsibility and I would just prepare myself to say modivated and look at the long term goal that came for the sacrfice of going to college and getting a degree. Being young at this time and still wanting to experience life, I would keep the dream before me as I walk that stage with my head held high and my dream in my hand the degree that took years of my life to achieve.