Tyler Junior College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about attending this school is the cost. I am able to get the basic core classes behind me at a much more affordable cost than if I were attending a four year university. This helps me since I am on a limited budget. Another thing I like about Tyler Jr. College is the smaller classes. I am able to get more out of my classes because the instructor is able to relate to the students on a more personal basis. This helps in being able to ask questions if I do not understand a problem.


The best thing about my school is the teachers. In my radiology program, the teachers are dedicated and will go to great lengths to help the students. They truly enjoy their job.


The best thing about my school has got to be the staff. Not only are there so many of them, but they all seem to be well educated beings, deserving of their positions. Also, all of my teachers always make an effort to 'be there' if you need help. All of them have office hours they stick to, and they are willing to meet you any time if you have an appointment.


The staff are remarkably nice. I have never encountered an institution that was so cleverly put together with such good people with the best intentions of the students and making them feel welcomed and successful. This, of course, reflects hope on the students who may question hope in succeeding in getting an education or something more personal in their lives.