Ultimate Medical Academy-Clearwater Top Questions

What should every freshman at Ultimate Medical Academy-Clearwater know before they start?


Apply for as many scholarships, and grants as you can. Take everything as you are young, and work to the best of your potential, because it could take you longer to succeed in your future if you do not act now.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to my high school self I would say college is a lot of fun but it also takes a lot of hard work and focus. The main thing you need to focus on now while in high school is obtaining the finances needed to pay for your tuition. I know I'll probably roll my eyes, but the truth is many students who graduate find themselves in a hugh amount of debt that will take years to pay off. Preparing finanically now will save you from that burden later on. So apply for as many grants and scholerships you can. But most importantly have fun when you go to college. You will make a lot of new long lasting friends and appreciate their help and support, as well as, that of your family. After all you wouldn't be here without them.


Shari, you are young, and just starting your adult life. Take a look outside of the world you have known, and look at all the possibilities. Don't limit yourself! Don't jump into marriage and motherhood so quickly; instead look at your options, for you have many. Count your blessings! Look at your strengths and abilities! Take a closer look at who you are, what you want to do with your life, and think about the legacy you will leave behind you when you are finished. Now, what goals are you going to make for yourself both short and long term, and how are you going to accomplish them? Think about how going to school and getting an education in a rewarding and exciting career will empower you. How it will allow you to live independently with pride and sense of accomplishment. Think of how your accomplishments will be an inspiration to those around you, and one day your own family. Think of how proud your family will be of you for the accomplishment you have made, that maybe they weren't able to do for themselves. Take the leap of faith, and go for the prize!


Currently I am enrolled at the Ultimate Medical Academy in the Basic X-Ray Program. As a single mother, holding down a full time job as well as attending school full time, is proving to be a great challenge. There is very little time or money for the extras in life that I had hoped could be available at the age of 36. The 4.0 GPA I have has taken hard work and determination. Had I done some things differently ... While a senior in high school, my focus was on fun, boys and grades, at times, in that order. If I could go back, I would have asked a teacher or councelor the most effective way to study. Student are expected to excell, but often the pathway to that goal is not cleary defined. If I could go back, I would have paid more attention to and acted on what "grownups" had to say about being more serious about school and studying hard. I would have told myself to work hard and keep focused on the important things. My journey has taken a different pathway, but I AM getting there. Sincerely, Amy Nash