Umpqua Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Wonderful college in beatyful and peaceful place with wonderful teachers and students


UCC is a very relaxed campus compared to four year univerities and even my high school experience, making schooling seem a little less stress full.


I attend a small Community College in Roseburg Oregon. the campus is in a beautiful setting and is very quiet. For the most part the instructors here are great and seem to care about your education and career choices. There are a few exception. For the education I am pursuing I should graduate with theknowledge needed to get a good job in a career I enjoy.


Umpqua Community College has a broad range of interesting classes and certificate programs available, and counseling, to assist everyone who has an honest desire to advance, within many areas of study, and especially those areas in which current and future remunerative employment is assured, and also boast very high quality and supportive faculty and staff.