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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stick to the value of people; everything else is subject to change. Some classes will be more challenging than others, some projects more interesting, your relationships and personal identity will evolve as you progress through this time in your life, but the one thing which will help you to learn more, try more, and enjoy these years more, is carefully valuing the others around you. Speak to your professors and learn from them as individuals; their work as teachers does not end with how they spend their work lives. You are so fortunate that these exceptional people have chosen to share their knowledge and life experience with you. There is more to learn than what is on the syllabus; take advantage of the opportunity to know your teachers and to let them know you. In performance-driven environments it is too easy to begin valuing people for what they can offer you; hard work and study is an obvious priority, but who you are at the end of this process is determined equally by the effort you make to simply be there. Make time to reach out and grow your awareness of others; enjoy the wider world you discover there.