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Union is a great place that has a lot to do both inside and outside of class.


i love it here!


The boys are hot! The winters are cold.


Union is the perfect size with the perfect amount of resources. True, it many not have you mom's cooking or your friends from home but it is extremely accomodating and the people are extremely friendly. The history and the student body keep the campus filled with events and traditions and never a dull moment. I recommend Union to anyone- check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed.


To some, greek life may be perceived in a negative fashion. However, greek life helps promote community and sponsors many activities around campus. All fraternities and sororities work together to create a better atmosphere.


One thing that is amazing about Union is how hard they work to get you going where you want to go. The career center will help students with developing career goals, future planning and things like resumes and cover letters. They have many online resources for job searching and they have a vast alumni database for networking. Union has an impressive collection of internships and other opportunities for students. This is extremely convenient because of our extended winter break. It is a chance to get a leg up on other college students with job experience.


I applied Early Decision to Union in November of 2008, and I've never looked back since.


Union is just plain amazing.


Union may be small, but the academics are very good, and very competetive.


engineering and liberal arts everyone is nice


The balancing of an amazing social scene and challenging academic programs.


The engineering program is complete in 4 years. It also gives you the opportunity to have a liberal arts background unlike a technical school. The smaller class sizes allow you to know your professors and they love to help you succeed. Although greek life is very dominant at Union, there is PLENTY to do outside of fraternities and soroities. The Minerva house system is a very successful program and is a great way to have student meet each other and they include very nice dorm rooms.


School pride


The atmosphere is incredible. Everyone there wants to be there and loves going to school at Union. While there are the typical complaints about homework and food, no one wants to leave. On weekends, for breaks, graduation, no one wants to voluntarily leave the school. This atmosphere and pride for where we go to school makes one want to join in and be there too. It's intriguing.


The campus is a perfect size and I felt welcome the moment I stepped on campus for the first time. The professors are willing to help you learn and want you to succeed.


One thing that highly pisses me off about Union are the campus safety officers. There is no standardized way that they will act. Some campus safety officers will see someone throw up and will ask their friends to bring them back to their room while others will immediately call the hospital and the student can be expelled!? does that make sense? others will see an empty beer can and write you up for drinking which can be seen by employers while others will simply ask you to pour your 3 handles of vodka out while you heckle them and call them an asshole. The school seriously needs to get their shit together and the point system sucks major dick as well. Ps the officers are in NO way there to protect you or keep you safe and they WANT to catch you doing something wrong and several treat you like a common criminal at all times.


Tuition is only gonna get more expensive but keep applying because Union is amazing!


It gets pretty cold and windy in the winter if you aren't used to snow! But it's always fun when we get a fresh snowfall. Though Union does have its typical students, its important to note that there are many different kinds of people on campus and it's just a matter of getting out there and finding those who you get along with! Best Advice- join a club/committee/Minerva The college has soooo much money to spend and by getting involved YOU get to chose how it happens! The more involved you are, the more the school benefits YOU and YOUR preferences.


The administration is REALLY AWEFUL. They do not know how to operate a school at any level and should all be given the pink slip. Except for Tom McEvoy (Director of Minerva Affairs) Timothy Dunn (Director of Fraternity/Sorority Affairs), who both are good people and recognize the realities of running a school full of drunk, drugged up, college kids.


dining halls are sub par, but other eating areas like the sandwich and coffee places are good


Union is great, and you'll love it if you come here!


Union is great, but very hard, depending on your academic interests, due to the trimester schedule. Plus, we do not finish the academic year until mid-June (but have from Thanksgiving to January off).


Union has free shuttles to Walmart on Wednesday, and to the mall and Mohawk Commons on Saturday. The food isnt bad, but you may get sick of it after the first two semesters. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE UNION!!!!!


Union also has a very proud Greek tradition. The first three modern fraternities were founded at Union (Kappa Alpha, Delta Phi, and Sigma Phi). These fraternities are known as the Union Triad and this is something that is taught to nearly all pledges of any fraternity anywhere in the world. In addition, three other fraternities got their start at Union (Chi Psi, Psi Upsilon, and Theta Delta Chi). Union Greeks are a very special group; they are not the wild "Animal House" Greeks that are portrayed in the movies. When you see a person on campus who works hard, gets good grades, and makes major contributions to campus through extracurricular activities, chances are that person is Greek. The administration has made several changes in recent years and has been at odds with the Greeks. However, a restructuring of the administration has led to a reconciliation between the two groups and Greek life at Union is better than ever! Roughly 30{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of all students are in a fraternity or sorority, so there are certainly many students who lead productive, happy lives as independents. However, Union is very proud of its Greek tradition and the contribution that Union Greeks continue to make.


Frats give out free beer take advantage of it


There's nothing like a good Friday night on Union's campus. We do the sweaty frat thing really well.


that's it.


While I like Union a lot, and plan on staying, I wouldn't say it's for everyone. I'm very compatible and could have ended up almost anywhere and been fine. There are definitely some problems. It's a small college, and you can start to feel like you already know everybody, and there's nobody new to meet. Students rarely interact with the local community, so it can feel very isolating, since nothing's really nearby except Albany, and even that's fairly inaccessible. But the train station, bus station and airport are all nearby. Frats do hold a lot of authority over the social scene on weekend nights, but they are not the only option. But, Union is academically a very good school, and it's the people that keep me here, because they are more important than the size, isolation, or frats.


Union is so fun! It's a huge party school! There's always something to do on campus!


I don't really have anything left to say. The other questions pretty much covered everything I can think of.


Union is a great school that offers everything from drinking and party life, to being socially active, to earning a great education. You can't go wrong