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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Not necessarily. They are definitely present, but they are not overwhelmingly apparent.


These stereotypes are not really that accurate since there is always a ton to do on campus and people like myself who do not enjoy greek life, can always find something more fun to do. Also there is a great deal of diversity on campus with multicultural fairs and multiple clubs and organizations for every culture and religion as well as many efforts to increase communication and discussion between people from different backgrounds.


For the most part they are true. However, there is some diversity on the campus.


Not at all. There are so many down to Earth people on this campus. No matter where you go there will be stuck up people, and Union doesn't have any more of these types of students then any other college. The majority of students are just themselves and chill people. As far as the partying goes, yes Union students do party a lot, but no not everyone drinks. There are a lot of people that just hangout and watch movies on the weekend and find other things to do then just party. If you aren't the party type, don't worry because there are a lot of people that are the same way on campus. Union has a lot of students who don't party and aren't big drinkers.


This stereotype is not accurate because I have never heard negative feedback about the trimester system from Union students. Even though the curriculum goes very fast, students are able to keep up with their work and have plenty of time to study for their exams. The trimester system allows students to focus on the three classes they have so their schedule is not too chaotic. Also, students only have to worry about three finals, oppose to five or six. Sometimes students only have to write final papers for some of their classes, so they only end up with one or two finals. Lastly, a seven week winter break is incorporated into the trimester system. This allows the students to relax, visit their friends, or get a job/internship.


to some extent, yes. i think the second one is more accurate than the first because i do feel the "work hard, play hard" attitude pretty often on campus. however, 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my class alone is of color, and coming from a school where there were literally 2 minorities in the entire school, i think its great and really diverse.


NOT AT ALL! In all honesty, there are a lot of "rich, white, preppy kids from New England" but there are also a ton of types of kids walking around campus. Everyone here is different and diversity is strong on campus. If people think that Union has a one-type student they are wrong. People love this school because everyone fits in and because of that, one's group of friends is diverse and cultured. Student at Union value their academics far beyond their social life. The library is always packed, class discussions are always active, and an eagerness to learn is felt throughout the school. Union kids do know how to have fun but everyone knows that academics and doing well comes first, and is more important.


"If you go to Union you must be smart." I would say that this stereotype is true- many Union students hold high standards and work hard. Union has so many resources to whatever major you may be interested in whether it be science and math or English and social sciences. "You must have money to go to Union." This stereotype is entirely not true! Union is so amazing at providing financial aid and scholarships to its students and incorporating work study to help pay for tuition. There are so many resources and programs Union offers to allow those who desire to go to Union but cannot afford it the chance to get a Union education. "A large amount of students are Caucasian and there is little diversity at Union." This stereotype, however, is not true. Though there is a strong presence of upper-class students on campus, there are so many events and clubs catered to maintaining diversity. I was worried about the amount of diversity I would be exposed to at Union at first in that I am local and I worried there would be many other locals. However, Union has a strong foreign exchange program and sister schools around the country, pulling students from a variety of states and backgrounds. Between the annual Banghra shows each term and the MANY cultural events featuring foods from all over the world, Union is a diverse melting pot of great minds.


Sure, there is a little bit of everything at Union College, which means some kids actually are only interested in partying and hanging out with their own crowd. So, while this preppy, exclusive club does exist (as it probably exists in other schools as well), there are many other types of people to create an intermixed social atmosphere. I have had no trouble finding a group of friends I can have fun with!


Not necessarily. While there are many students who come from wealthy families, there are many more who do not. While the majority of students at the college are white, there is a very visible minority presence. These students are very active on campus and the college's international program is very strong. While there aren't a lot of minorities, they certainly aren't hidden. There definitely is a lot of partying, but that's not the only thing that goes on during the weekends. If you don't want to party, you don't have to and you won't be bored. The college offers plenty of other things to do and ways to have fun.


Absolutely not. I don't see anyone poppin' their collar! Union has great community filled with students from different cultures, backgrounds, interests and hobbies.


This stereotype is not accurate at all. Most of the students on campus either have financial aid or some kind of merit. Most of us work during the school year and during breaks.


Some of the stereotypes are accurate, but it is also a very open college. Although there is a population of wealthy kids here, it isn't easy to tell because everyone hangs out with each other and cliques aren't really a major part of the college. Even though most kids are wealthy, there is diversity as well. Not everyone is wealthy and there is diversity here and the college is working on the multicultural population. There are Indian students, Latinos, Black students, and also international students.


Not at all, I think we have fairly diverse student body, both economically and racially. Neither myself nor many of my friends grew up rich, the school was just very generous with its financial aide package. The party stereotype could not be more wrong. There is always something do on this campus, anyone who is bored just isn't looking. We have movies, endless clubs, have had comedians, magic show, hypnotists, psychics, and even free massages one night.


yes that is highly accurate, if you don't own a northface, uggs, collared shirts and pricey clothes then you will be in the minority at Union




Most of it is, Union is very liberal and most kids are wealthy. The minorities are very secluded, you will see all the black kids hang with black kids, Latinos with Latinos, and Indian kids with Indian kids. Union is also very open, there are a lot of openly gays.


The stereotypes fit some people, but not the majority by any means. There are thousands of kids on campus and there is definitely a group for everyone. If you only focus on the stereotypical people, that's the only thing you will see.


There is a significant jewish population and many student are wealthy, but not anymore so than any other liberal arts college. I am personally catholic, middle class and from the country.


These stereotypes are not accurate at all. While of course there are some rich snobby people at Union, there are rich and snobby people everywhere. However, the vast majority of people at Union are friendly, outgoing, and very warm people. Also, the athletic teams at Union are constantly noticed for outstanding GPAs.




in general yes. There is minimal diversity on campus, though the school is working to change that, in particular with the recent creation of a director of multicultural affairs position.


yes for everyone is rich, and no for almost everyone is jewish, only like 18{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} is jewish


Yes, but it's not so bad.




Most of the Students here are very wealthy; ; a lot of people are wearing Dolce & Gabana, Hermes, Kate Spade, Louis Vutton, Gucci, etc. However, I come from a family that is not so well off and found that most of the kids here are still relatable and friendly. At first I thought the money barrier would be a problem but it usually is not. Although Union is somewhat clique-ish, most people are not afraid to branch out. The size of Union is good; I like frequently seeing people around campus that I know"


some are true, but not for all students --- Union does have a diverse population of students if you look closely enough


To some extent yes, however for the most part kids are nice and though people tend to be from similar backgrounds and areas of the country there are a number of different personality types and sets of interests, which makes for a great intellectual environment. Also, my three best friends applied here ED.


They are accurate for large portion of the student body. We really do have a very attractive student body. However, we also have a very diverse campus community. At first glance the campus may seem very homogeneous but if you look you will see students of many ethnicities, from an array of countries, and with diverse backgrounds.


Union is an expensive school, so there are a large number of "preppy" and "rich" students, although they do not make up the majority of the campus population. There is a lot of partying on campus, just like at any other school.


It is true that the majority of the student body is white, rich kids, However not everyone is overly preppy or went to prep schools, there are a lot of kids here with financial aid, and there is a good percentage of the school that is from a minority group. As for greek life, it is big on campus but it isn't overbearing and the stereotype that people drink a lot is true, but I would say that is true on every college campus....yes even dry ones!


For the most part


There is definitely a lack of diversity


Pretty much.


for the most part yes, but it is not to difficult to get away from them if you want to


Yes the majority of students are rich and yes most of the students that Union appeals to are very snotty. We do tend to have a lot of partys and fun here!


NO. Only 3{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of students pay the whole $50k bill, while rest receive some form of financial aid. Drinking is definitely a big part of the life here, but there are all kinds of students, doing all kinds of things you can imagine on a diverse campus of 2000+ students.


There are quite a few wealthy, white kids whose families have been coming to Union for generations but I feel that Union is a changing school. The freshmen class this year has the highest diversity percentage in Union's history and I've made friends with many more ethnically diverse students than I ever had in the past.


Alot of people are. There are alot of the "cool jock kids" from high school, that can be a good and bad thing.


For the most part, yes, however not all of the frat boys are sketchy and not all of the sorority girls are snobby, as with anything really. However, you can find all sorts of different groups of people hidden throughout campus who aren't necessarily like the above. You just have to look and may find yourself pleasantly surprised.


Absolutely. There are some interesting people, but you have to hunt them out.




Union is pretty clean-cut. There are few people with brightly dyed hair, or lots of tatoos and piercings, but that doesn't mean nobody. It's a pretty large party school, but only as much as you make it, and the same goes for frats - something is usually open on the weekends, but there is no obligation to go or pledge.


In some cases they are. However, many of the students who attend are here on scholarship and are not from a lot of money. Most people you meet here are really nice and not stuck up.


I don't think that Greek life is as big as it once was, so that stereotype is pretty much gone. I'm sure that other stereotypes are true to some extent, or else they wouldn't exist, but I don't think that they necessarily define who any given person is.


1) Apathetic-somewhat 2) Alcoholic-generally 3) Sheltered-mostly


I would say that every stereotype has some truth in it and the ones about Union are no different. The school does have a great engineering program and many students are involved in it however, I would say that every department at this school is strong. The Sciences and maths are just more popular and well known, but I for instance am thinking of being a theater major, and all the arts programs are very strong and all the teachers in the theater program are professionals. Union is also not very diverse but the school is striving to change, and not everyone who attends Union is rich and preppy, it is true that there are students who are but it is not everyone and I find the mix of students and cultures appealing here. I do wish it was more diverse, but at least the school recognises that, that it a problem they need to fix.


This is true for part of the union college population, but there is a huge number of students that do not fit this description and who are individuals and have bigger cares such as the environment and social and political action. Union students can often appear to be apathetic to most things but are always curious to learn if people offer them the information.


not always


Most of the body is white in skin tone, and most students do come from a middle class family