Union College-Schenectady Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


rich, preppy, stuck up, Greek


Some people believe that Union students only party and are all preppy white kids.


Some strereotypes about our students is that we are mostly made up of white, upperclass New Englanders and New Yorkers. Also, there are a lot of preppy kids that come here. We have a lot of sports teams here as well as a huge involvement in Greek life.


That the students are stuck up and materialistic. There is also the stereotype that everyone is a crazy partier and that everyone drinks.


One of the stereotypes about Union students is that they have trouble keeping up with the trimester system.


i think a stereotype of union students is that were very homogenous. another one is that we work hard and play harder.


The most prominent stereotype is that all Union students are rich, white, preppy from New England. Another stereotype about Union students is that all we care about is partying and that academics come second.


"You must be smart if you go to Union." "You must have money to go to Union." "A large amount of students are Caucasian and there is little diversity at Union."


I think a big stereotype about Union students is that everyone on campus is rich, preppy, exclusive, and only interested in partying.


Wealthy, white, and partiers. Little diversity


One stereotype the Union is has is that it is only for "preppy" white students.


One stereotype about Union students is that we are all wealthy.


Most people have the conception that Union is very wealthy, people dress preppy, not very diverse, and cliquish.


That it is a bunch of spoiled rich, white kids. That all we do is party.


That we are a very spoiled rich ungrateful brats with more money and designer clothes then we know what to do with.


Preppy, snobby, rich


That most kids are very rich and dress very preppy. Also that all the minorities hang out with each other, etc.


Wealthy, preppy, partyers


We're all rich, and jewish. We only wear designer preppy clothes. We're all city snobs.


The major stereotype of Union students is that everyone here is rich and snobby. Another stereotype that I ran into a lot was that most of the athletes are not very smart and got in based on athletic ability.


Union is a very preppy school with little diversity. Most students work very hard and do well, but where there are rich kids, there are lazy kids. Lots of students drink heavily, multiple times a week. In addition, lots of students indulge in drug use. Our alumni base is substantial and alumni giving is reflective of that population.


preppy, rich, overwhelmingly white


that everybody is rich that almost everyone is jewish


Lots of preppy, rich, private school kids, not many minorities.


We have a wealthy student body and most of us come from the Northeast. We are all about working hard and playing hard.


Most people generalize the students at Union as very wealthy & not very diverse. The college itself is reminiscent of high school because of it's small size and somewhat clique-ish atmosphere.


students come from rich families (true in many cases but not all) students only come to Union as a result of being denied from better schools (i.e. Ivy Leagues)


That they are preppy, entitled, east caost brats. That Union is everyone's second choice. That everyone here is the same.


The stereotypical Union student is attractive and preppy or your typical sporty girls and guys.


Preppy, rich, party all the time, reckless


The stereotypes include that it is only rich, white, preppy kids who go to school here, that greek life is overbearing on campus, and that there is a lot of drinking


A school with predominantly rich white kids from New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey. The Greek system dominates the social scene. Lots of drinking and drug use. Jewnion (high Jewish population)...


Lack of diversity


Union students are ridiculously smart and can drink superhuman amounts.


Prepy, big frat scene, lots of beer


The students are all rich! The girls are all snotty. The school is all greek. Everyone is uppity, alcholics, party school, and cocaine addicts.


All are trust fund babies, and are big drinkers, and don't get along with those who are neither.


Rich, White, and Preppy. well people are wealthy, the majority white, and girls often wear whatever preppy people wear, but it doesnt matter, people here rock. its definitely not stereotyped as a nerdy school. people party prettttttttty hard here and work really hard too.


Union has been labled a "preppy" school. I think my favorite description was that "if Ugg and Northface had a love child, it would be Union." In general, people feel that Union is a rich school with very little ethnic diversity.


Everyone's preppy


A homogenous student body consisting of sketchy frat boys and snobby sorority girls, with a dash here and there of the artsy and/or nerdy kids...


Everyone at Union is just going to college so that they can work for dad. No one really wants to learn; they're more interested in drinking. Going out consists mainly of getting wasted in some grungy frat and doing stupid shit that will probably end up on YouTube tomorrow. It's impossible to walk through campus without running into at least a hundred popped collars, striped button downs, and uggs-and-mini-skirts who are only too happy to BE the stereotype.


All are from affluent areas in the northeast.


They drink a lot


That they are all J. Crew-wearing preps, who party a lot, and frat's dominate the weekends.


We're all rich and stuck up.


I don't know that there are any real stereotypes about Union or its students. I know that it was considered a big Greek school, but I don't know if it is still considered that today. I'm sure that different groups have different stereotypes, but I don't pay much attention to stereotypes.


1) Apathetic 2) Alcoholic 3) Sheltered


The stereotypes about Union are that it is strictly an Engineering School, that it is not diverse at all, that everyone who goes here is very rich and everyone is very preppy.


Many people may think that union is full of rich, pretty Northestern people who are obsessed with frats and sororities.