Union College-Schenectady Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known how acedemically challenging it can be.


I wish I knew that minervas were not often used for social reasons on weekend nights.


I wish I had known that Union would not accept most of my credits. It was incredibly frustrating to discover that I put in all that work in high school and didn't get college credit for it. I also wish I had known a bit more about the campus and different traditions.


I would want students to know the other activities that exist in the community outside of the actual campus, you will feel like you're in a wonderful bubble but it's good to get out into the community and see all that it offers...get involved with outside volunteer services or read the newspaper every so often. Know that fraternities/serorities are a part of the atmosphere and figure out if you're ok with that before you go. Know that your professors will make a BIG impression on you, reach out to them..take advantage of it.


I wish I knew that it was mostly rich kids attending. I felt out of place without diamonds in my ears and by not wearing ugg boots!


I wish I knew the weather patterns of Schendctady better. It became very cold in mid October and i didn't have enough warm clothes. I had my parents send up warmer clothes luckily.


The type of people and the way administration treats students.


I wish I had known how really small the school is and how people know a lot about you.


I wish i had known that there is an open-campus, and Union College is situated in area which is economically impoverished. It would have also helped to know that there isn't much to do outside of campus.


That it was preppy and very small.