Union College-Schenectady Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Union College is that it is a very strong liberal arts college that has a great reputation. It has great faculty and a diverse campus. I love the campus because it is very friendly. My advise to prospective students will be that since this is a small campus, don't make a fool out of your self because evryone will find out. Be very open-minded and willing to accept different cultural beliefs because students here come from all over the world! Good luck and stay on top of your school work.


The small classroom size, close-nit community feel, school spirit.


The great professors, The trimester system, The class sizes


The fraternities because that is where all the parties are. That is where you meet the most people.


The small classes because the teachers are very personable.


The people


I consider the size of the campus the best because everyone gets the attention one needs.


The social life and the academics.


The small school means that I know most of the people in my classes and I can really get to know professors and feel comfortable asking anyone about work or professors about anything. I like seeing the same people from class around campus and at parties, I think it promotes a good sort of community feeling.


It's small classes because you get one on one attention from your professors.