Union University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Union University is a close knit community where you can get a good education and remain focused.


A diverse, yet cooperative environment filled with people who desire to succeed and help others do the same.


Union University is a school where academic excellence is striven for by both students and faculty, and the student atmosphere is uplifting and community oriented.


Union is a community focused on excellence and Christ, that includes a lot of fun and friendships along the way.


Excellence Driven...Christ Centered...People Focused...Future Directed...


An encouraging,community based environment.


Friendly, helpful people, professors that actually care about you while having a christian atmosphere.


My school is a great place to learn. It is well versed in culture and offers many opportunities for everyone.


Union is a fantastic school, it's better to come here focused on education rather than a really fun time. If you plan to sluff off it's probably not the best choice. Professors are fantastic and are extremely involved in the lives of students who desire that. I believe Union is one of the up and coming Christian universities in the US. But they don't do much by way of financial aid unless you are an international student or a missionary kid.


Union University is a giant family.


Christ-centered school with loving professors and students.


Union is a well-rounded school that is very Christ-centered and education focused and provides a safe, comfortable, and fun community to learn and grow.


Union is an amazing, uplifting experience and there is such an awesome sense of community here!


Union is an incredible school in which the students and faculty work together in order to create a Christ-centered, academic-focused, and social environement.


A great place to grow intellectually and spiritually in an environment where people actually care about you, both your peers and administration.


My school is a small, great school that pushes learning in a Christian environment.


An absolutely amazing Christ centered, academically focused loving campus.


A great small community with an educational emphesis; but also a place to have fun, learn, and grow as an individual.


Union University is an incredible university filled with opportunity for higher learning in a friendly, Christ-centered atmosphere and I cannot even begin to imagine where I would be personally without the amazing faculty and students that surround me in my pursuit for knowledge.


Small, friendly, and academically focused.


Union is amazing. However, it costs so much to go here that it cripples your supposedly "bright" future....


Union is a small Christ-centered campus that strives to educate and prepare Christian men and women to make a difference in the world in their outreach, future careers, and forming solid relationships.

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