Union University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are friendly, caring, dynamic, and have the mindset to accomplish their goals.


I am enrolled in the Honors program which contains very particular types of personalities each with a high intelligence level. Even in my general classes though, my classmates are motivated to do the work that is set before them and to understand the material.


They are super nice, helpful, caring, and dedicated


I believe that I am among a great campus of servants of God who are among the students and faculty and it is a priveledge to serve with them.


They are a group of students who are seeking a personal relationship with God, and they want to grow in that relationship through worship, fellowship with other students, and expanding their minds through academic studies. They have an uderstanding that God has given us many opportunities to serve the Kingdom in many different ways, and they seek to find their specific calling and pursue that goal educationally to go out into the world and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


I have made some really good friends over the past semester. Union University is a Christian school, so many of my friends want to use their talents to glorify the Lord. There a lot of people from Tennessee that go to that school.


My classmates are friendly, caring, ambitious, intelligent people who are concerned about the world-at-large and actively pursue diverse interests.


Most students are Christian (baptist). There are a lot of missionary kids, pastors kids, and international students. Most students are predominately right winged with political views. A majority of students want to go into missions after graduating of some manner.


My classmates at Union University are caring, focused, kind, and encouraging to their fellow students.


My classmates are people who are very concerned with helping and ministering to people around the world and community. They love to relax and have fun by hanging out around the area. My classmates are also very involved with school work and work very hard at what they do.


They are eager to learn not only the concepts and principles, but also how to use those concepts in the real world, while also applying a faith--based approach.


They are hard working.


My classmates are the most encouraging, helpful, and down-to-earth people I know.


My classmates are diverse in ethnicity as well as culture, they are unique and willing to meet new people and study in groups, to do well in the class.


Most of the students at Union are Christians who actually live out the faith. They are studious and seek to better themselves.


They are very intelligent and hard-working.


My classmates are great. They are very helpful and fun to be around. We seem to have really bonded over the last semester.


They are very diverse and are very accepting of each individual. You don't feel left out ever.


My classmates are an accepting group of people who encourage me to strive for a higher education and always make me feel like I am at my home away from home.


My classmates are intellegent, friendly, hardworking, and funloving people that I love to hang out and go to class with.


My classmates are fun, studious, and career-minded.


Very friendly, helpful, and loving; they seek to learn new things and share them with others, encouraging and edifying their friends to do the best that we all can while continuing to gain new experiences and let the world know what they find.


My classmates are focused, determined individuals who follow Christ and are not afraid to have fun.


As I mentioned earlier, my classmates care about each other. Especially when you start the classes for your major, your classmates become close friends and we look out for each other. We are always there to help each other out becaue we are going through the same things. I know in the Social Work program the students I'm with are compassionate, and they truly care about the things we are learning. They are hard workers and they value their education. We care about the community we serve too.


My classmates are well-rounded, world travelers with genuine curiosity and a desire to learn and impact the world for Jesus Christ.


Friendly, helpful, competitive, and academically challenging.


My classmates are very diverse but unified.


Lots of the students are Born Again, Christians, and show this in the way they live , and their ministry spirit.


For the most part, my classmates are upper middle class christian young adults that are academically driven.


Some are friendly, some are stand-offish and stuck up, and some are just awesome.


My classmates tend to be extremely conservative Christians who are nonetheless fairly nice people.


My classmmates are definitely not my favorite thing about Union University. Some of them seem to be in their own little world, not realizing that not everyone is Christians.


My classmates/friends are enthusiastic about their studies as well as love to have to a good time outside of the classroom.

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