Union University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Union is most known for it's Christian worldview and excellent classroom settings. The teachers are all very qualified and most have doctorates. The classes are small and there are many opportunities to speak to professors one-on-one. The environment on campus is very relaxed, but there are quite a few rules that state schools do not enforce. Overall, Union University is an elite school with very qualified faculty and a safe Christian environment.


My school is best know for its Christian environment.


Union University is best known for its nursing program and its widely diverse student body.


Union University is best know for being a top-tier school that is very, very friendly and helpful academically.


Union University is best known for it's outsanding education and Christian values. It is also known for having outstanding faculty members who truly care about their students and have a passion for what they are teaching.


I think the thing Union is known best for is their Christian beliefs and srong academic focus. Union is not ashamed to share their Christian faith and strong beliefs.


Union University is best known for being Christian-based. It is a university founded upon Christian morals and values. Union strives very hard to incorporate faith into the classroom and the overall experience at the university. It truly lives up to its reputation.


My school is best known for their Christian views and for the recent tornado damages.


My school well know for is Christian's value and drive to achieve.


Union is best know for its character. People there are just different. Everyone is equal and treated that way.


My school is best known for their Christian perspective on the liberal arts and their success at producing smart, well rounded student that are prepared for facing life's challenges.


What Union is best known for at this time is how well our community has recovered from the devastation of the tornado that had hit our campus in Spring 2008. Through this trying time, not only the Union community, but our surrounding community as well as many supporting schools and churches have helped to rebuild our campus as well as encourage us through this time The Union community has proven to be one that stands strong in the face of adeversity and continues to focus on the blessing of life that we have been granted.


For the friendliness of its faculty, staff, and students, for its Christ-centered approach to learning, for its committment to excellence, and for its great environment which promotes learning.


Being a Top Teir Christian school that integrates learning and Christianity.


It's Southern Baptist backgroup and it's effort to promote a Christian World view in all fields of education.


It's really well known for being a Christ centered campus who cares about each individual. All faculty members are willing and ready to help, if you take the time to ask for your help. The student body likes to make sure that everyone is involved by offering many activities for sororities/fraternities and independants alike.


Union University is definitly best known for the culturally diverse student body that attends the school. We also have an amazing academic portfolio.


Before this year, Union was best known for its nursing program, which is one of the best for Christian schools in the nation. A new building with highly advanced equipment was built in recent years to further the development of the science departments. This year, however, I believe that Union has become fairly well known in the United States for its damage in the February 5 tornado. This EF-4 tornado took no lives, although the firemen who arrived on the scene expected at least 100 fatalities. The majority of the dorms were destroyed. School resumed weeks later.


Tornado in the Spring of 2008 and the dedication to Gods word.


The school is known for its integrity. They are associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. They are known throught out the world for their faith in God. In Febuary 2008, a tornator destroyed a major part of the campus. Everyone, both here and abroad, came together to worship God and praise Him for no deaths. Over 1200 people were on campus at that time, some of them buried under the rubble. Nine people were injured serious enough to be hospitilized with 53 treated and sent home. Now it is the Fall Semister, 2008. Most of the rebuild is finished.!


This is a Christian University and many students from all over the US and overseas come here for the specialized training they can receive. After the tornadoes hit, most people who had never heard of Union University saw what a great supporting school it was. We are now known for our indurance, faith and courage. Fall semister we move into new dorms and other buildings that were destroyed. We have a strong, faith based school. Many missionaries went to this college.

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