Union University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The prestige of the school.


Union is a great school, though i am transfering back to Austin Peay State University becasue i did not feel welcomed there.


There is an amazing Christian atmosphere and everyone is extremely nice there.


Union University is definitely a school worth bragging about. I love to talk about how many achievements and awards for which Union is recognized and noted. My school has been classified as a Top Tier institution annually since 1997. Also, for the last twelve years Union has been identified as ?America?s Best College Buys.? Union University is also ranked among the top 141 schools in the Southeast by the Princeton Review. Bragging about Union University is not hard to do.


Union has a very strong sense of purpose and spirit, largely due to its recovery after the tornado that seriously damaged our campus two years ago. It offers a wide variety of disciplines to a student body made up of many nationalities and cultures; I very much enjoy the international aspect of my school. I also highly value Union's values and the desire of its faculty to pursue the best that God has to offer students in a strong education grounded on Biblical principles. Friends of mine have graduated to attend prestigious medical schools and jobs.


i am so thankful that people are friendly here and that i have made friends who share my beliefs about lots of things but mostly about God. i am able to talk to them on deeper levels and it allows us to be closer.


My professors actually care about me. To them, I am a name and not a number.


I brag about the good Christian atmoshpere and the warmth of the students. I also talk about how the classes and professors are great.


The atmoshpere. You can ask anyone - student, professor or staff - for help and they will either help you themeselves or tell you someone who can. At this school, no one will hold you back!


I brag about the community, heart, and academically challenging evironment. The Spirit of Union is strong. Especially after the tornado ravaged our campus.


Mainly about how amazing Union is. It's small enough that you can get to know your professors and have small classes. while still big enough that you don't feel like you are still in high school. The faculty and staff are very accessable and helpful, and the campus has a great overall atmosphere.


I brag about the academics at the school and the readiness of the professors to assist the students.


Union is awesome in its sense of unity. We have a great president (Dr. David Dockery), as well. The tornado on February 5 of this year really shook us as a school, but it provided us with the opportunity to reach out to one another as a school body and help one another out of such a disaster. We trust that God spared our lives in such a deadly storm, and the fact that we moved on and finished the semester was remarkable. It was a miracle. The students have a strong unity, and the professors really care about them.


That this school really does place a priority on your spiritual growth as an individual and wants you to be involved in on campus activities. Academically Union has very high standards


I tell my friends that the education I have recieved and worked hard for is at an excellent level compared to schools in the area and elsewhere in the state of Tennessee. The classes are small enough to where you are able to interact with your classmates and professors. The quality of the relationships you build with other students and faculty members is also one of the greatest benefits of attending Union.


About being on a name to name basis with my teacher. I may not call them by their first name, but they know me and I know them. They realize when I am absent, they pay attention to all the people in their classrooms, and they are available outside of class hours for help.


I tell my friends about their high standards. I also tell them about the great teachers. The teachers care and try to help their students if they can.

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