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What kind of person should not attend this school?


I tried to think of people who wouldn't benefit from the education and experiences offered by Union, and I keep coming up short. The best answer would be to say that someone who is not a Christian would have to make sure s/he understood that Union approaches education with a Christian mindset. However, I would not say that someone who is not a Christian shouldn't attend Union, because I think Union provides quality education for anyone.


Only students who are seeking a Christian environment, and life style while obtaining a degree at a university known for its excellent educational standard, should attend Union University. Individuals who are not comfortable with structure and expectations of excellence would have difficulty being successful. Although there are many opportunities at Union, if an individual's focus is social opportunities and not academic growth it will be a disappointing environment.


If you are looking to party and do drugs this school is not for you. The majority of the students here value the money spent for thier education, and they focus very hard on their studies. This school has strong rules against drugs and alcohol.




Anyone who is not willing to work hard for their grades, or who is not willing to follow the rules.


It's really kind of hard to say what kindof student should not attend this school. It is a Christian college that promotes Christian morals. This college does promote that there is a need to have Jesus Christ as one's Lord and Savior. But, a person is not going to be chastised for not having a relationship with Jesus. It is going to make it very hard for them though. In everything that is done at Union University, there is a sense that this is done to glorify God and to spread the Gospel.


Union is a great school for students looking to grow knowledge and grow in thier spiritual life as well. Union is a hardcore conservative Southern Baptist Chrisitian school so a majority of the student body consists of private and home schooled students. So if you're someone looking to party, hook up with guys/girls, or come from a Liberal background, it's going to be really hard to enjoy and get involved at Union. I know this because i came from a public high school and was shocked when i came here.


Those willing to devote a large amount of time to thinking deeply and researching thoroughly.


Any completely or mostly liberal thinkers would find it very hard to be content with the teaching style here. And anyone homosexual or bi-sexual would not fit in at all and be very unhappy attending this school. Though some students and professors are open-minded about these things, they are definitely in the minority of the population.


Someone who likes to hike and ski, because those places are few and far between :) When I want to do those things I have to drive a ways.


Someone who is looking for a christian world view, along w/a good curriculum.


Slackers and those not wanting to be challenged in ways that stretch them both academically and spiritually. You have to be willing to live by the rules and on the whole that is not hard and for your benefit to do so.


Union is an incredible, faith-based university that places great emphasis on challenging its students both spiritually and academically. If a student is not looking for a rigorous academic environment, or faith-based education, then Union may not be the school for them.


A person who has no desire to seek God and excel academically should not attend this school. One who does not desire to be challenged in their faith or academics should not attend this school either.


An extremely liberal person because this is a conservative campus. I consider myself a moderate and was ok at the school; I loved it. I know people who were really liberal at the school, some still loved the school and other were frustrated.


Someone who doesn't want to learn and just go to college to get away from the parents and party should not go to Union. People who do not want religion brought into the classroom should not come here because we like to incorporate Christ in everything that we do on campus, and we don't apologize for that! If you want to stay cooped up in your room, this is not the place to go.

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