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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would go back to my high school self and give myself the advice that college is an experience but you have to WANT to be there. Research different degrees and sit down with a counsilor to discuss options. Help figure out what a "specific" degree will get you in the real world. Do tests that offer perosnality testing to figure out what skills you are good at. Do as much intererning and job shadowing experience as you can get in to figure out different areas of work that are available. I would also tell me High School self, that college is expensive. Make sure to apply for scholarships, get good grades, and to go to a community college first if you are not quite sure which route you want to go? It is important to get good grades, because even though your young self can't see past the next year, 10 years from now you , just might want to go onto Graduate school and you will need those good grades to get into those programs.


"Enjoy this time; college years are the best of your life." This is probably the most common piece of advice people gave me before college. I never understood why everyone told me to cling to such a slippery hope, knowing it would pass away. Three years into school and I'm looking the end of these 'best years' in the face. I don't mean to say that college shouldn't be transformative. Or that you shouldn't come out of college bursting with new perspectives and lessons, filled with a desire to learn for a lifetime. Or that it shouldn't be a time when you learn more what it means to pour into someone and to be poured into. Because it should and it will. But that shouldn't be the definition of college, but rather the definition of a transformative and transformed life. If you continue on to college, may you enjoy it. But may you also remember that many are denied college and joy is only joy when it is shared. Learn with others. Everyone you meet is a teacher. Living with this perspective is the only way can you stay in 'college' your whole life.


Relationships of all kinds require intentionality. An overabundance of time is on your hands now, but this time will quickly dwindle. Make good use of the blessings and gifts you have been granted, and do not neglect pursuing friendships with unique personalities. Be intentionally kind, gracious, and forgiving. Be an encouragement to those who look up to you, and devote time to spend with those who need a listening ear. Establish firm foundations with friends you admire and respect for their character, and do not be bitter to those who have treated you with bitterness.


If I could go back in time, I would study not only because of GPA, but also becuase of knowlege, especially science courses. It was the basic which help me to study them again in college easier.


College classes really aren't so much different from all the honors and AP classes you've taken. The work load is heavier and the pace is much faster, but the environment of the classroom doesn't change. Don't wait until the last minute to do assignments because it will only cause stress and sleepless nights. When choosing your major, know that it will change a few times before it's really set. The most important thing is to pick something that you enjoy doing. Another important thing to consider is how available/easy jobs in that field are to get. Don't get too caught up in the social life of campus; in four years it will all be gone. Remember above all what you want to do with your life personally and in a career and keep with that. I'm not saying that you shouldn't get out and live a little, having fun is a great stress reliever, but don't become consumed with temporary things. Be considerate/compassionate to your roommates; they're the most likely ones to stick around for years. College is about figuring out how to do life on your own.


Caleb, You have just finished high school and will soon move to college. You have much reason to look ahead with excitement. The basis of this hopeful expectation is the element of the unknown that surrounds every new semester and year. We often speak of fearing the unknown, but I encourage you to embrace it. You know what classes you are taking and perhaps a few extracurricular activities that you will participate in, but everything else is yet to be seen. The year ahead is full of potential for God to shape you and alter the course of your life. One thing I can promise you is that no two years are the same. Some friendships will fade and some will be strengthened. New relationships will develop and new ways of thinking will change how you view the world. You have no idea what kind of person you will be at the end of this year, and that is why you should be excited. So go live in this new life not with anxious attempts to keep everything the same, but with eager anticipation of vibrant transformation.


Study hard, because highschool does not really prepare you for college. Have fun, and try harder to make better grades.


Since my senior year of high school, I have changed a dramatic amount. I would even say that I am a completely new person now, with good reason. Halfway through my senior year, I accepted Jesus Christ to be my Savior. Even though I had grown up in church, I had no real idea what it meant to be saved and to live for God. The first half of my senior year, I was focused on myself, my friends, and my boyfriend. I was absolutely miserable, and couldn't figure out why, until God made it very plain to me. The second half of that year, I was trying to figure out how to completely involve God in my life along with my social circle at the time. I was stressed about college, and tried to figure out ways to make my transition as seamless as possible. I know now that trusting God is all I had to do, instead of staying up all night trying to plan how to keep my life from changing too much. If I could go back and talk to myself then, that is what I would tell me: Rely only on God, not myself.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to study harder and cherish the high school years. When you enter college, it's completely different. I would tell myself to be more ambitious and do more community service as well.


You will have doubts and fears, but do not let them paralyze you. Allow yourself to dream and believe in yourself. After you have focused for so long on your goals, do not let obstacles deter you. You must also not create stumbling blocks to sabotage your future. There will always be people who will not share your enthusiasm, you must respect that and dig deep inside yourself for the correct path for your life. You will find that as wonderful as you hope it will be, and it is at times, you must prepare yourself to handle disappointment and unfamiliar territory. Know that the college experience is not like anything you have ever experienced. Be ready to enter into it with enthusiasm, an open mind and courage to try new things and meet individuals who would never have been a part of your life. Make sure you do not choose your college without a great deal of thought. It must be a place where you feel comfortable, and safe, as it will become your home and your support system for at least the next 4 years. It is much easier to be successful if you are happy.


I began college at Union Univeristy in the Fall of 2004 as a nursing major. I loved this school but my tuition increased and I transfered to a community college. After attending community college and being on the waiting list for nursing for 3 years, I graduated with an Associate Degree. I took a small break from college to ask God what his plan for my life was. I went back to Union and spoke with admissions about coming back to study education. I have found that Early Childhood is where my heart is. I was following nursing because I wanted the paycheck that comes along with it. I am glad that God showed me my true calling. Although I will not make as much money as a nurse, I will have satisfaction with my career because I know that this is what God has called me to do with my life. I look forward to going to school everyday, and practicum teaching in the public schools with teachers and being with children. I have truly found the career that I love!


I have gotten a stronger relationship with Christ while at Union University. It is definitely the perfext school for me. I have also made tons of friends. Union University has been valuable for me to attend because it has given me a chance to make my life better. My dad did not go to college and my mom could only afford to go for her first semester. I have seen how not having a college degree has affected our life when my dad was laid off and couldn;'t find another job because he did not have a degree.


My college experience has been the best experience of my life. I have felt a maturation of the personal, spiritual, and social aspects of my life. The change in pace, as compared with highschool, has challenged me and has played a huge role in the development of personal responsibility and independence. I have gained a plethora of friends from different backgrounds, and with that comes exposure to upbringings different from my own. The education that I've been able to recieve has also challenged my way of doing things, and has given me valuable experience in learning how to balance personal "fun" time and time that needs to be spent studying and being involved in various other academic-related responsibilities. Union University has been a valuable investment of time and money because of its dedication to my growth as a person and as a future contributer to society. I have learned so much from my classes and the friends I've made, from living on my own as opposed to living under my parents watch, and by experiencing a whole new step in life. This is how I know that Union University has been a valuable experience.


I found and embraced my honest, sincere desire in college. I love to build art. In high school, art was not encouraged. Art was for lazy people . I did not want to be seen as a lazy person, so I never pursued those classes. I entered college as an advertising major. It didn't go very well. I didn't like school and was very unmotivated in every class; however, second semester, sophomore year, I took a 3-D design class. My professor begged me to be an art major. Though I was flattered and flirted with the idea, it was unrealistic. So I prayed. I switched majors 2 weeks before the semester ended. I'm on my first semester as an art major. I am more exhausted than I have ever been in my life. I am more broke than I have ever been in my life, but everything fits. My college experience has been valuable for the rest of my life. My professor's encouragement gave me the guts to do what I thought was unrealistic. Also, I think totally different about art. You can not survive as an artist if you are even slightly lazy.


I've learned study skills I didn't learn in High School. I study under some of the smartest and most caring professors I've ever met. My professors write the books other schools use. I've met tons of friends that care about me and love the Lord


I have gotton out of my college experience how to install and configure multiple operating systems on a computer and how and why certain programs work on some computers and why they dont work on some computers. i have learned new math skills, writing skills, critical thinking skills, and critical reading skills. i have also learned how to plan out a network design, figure out how long it takes, and implement the network. As more time goes on i will have learned the basics on what i will need in the real world and i will keep learning new material every day.


I am currently attending college online and I have already experienced several benefits and opportunities. Going to college online was a difficult experience at first, by learning how to access the website and having the courage to email my instructors. Attending the live chats was not mandatory because it is recorded. This results in a smaller amount of interaction and more of unanswered questions. I learned to break out of my shell and communicate with my instructors, attend live chats and ask questions. This experience helped me gained the confidence to join the student mentorship program. I assist four mentees? with their problems. I provide information of how to turn in assignments, how to utilize the campus website, and helpful tips for assignments. This experience has been valuable because I learned I am capable of achieving any goals I set for myself. I have overcome two insincerities by becoming an improved writer and speaker. I am the first one to go to college in my family, and I am encouraging my siblings and my parents to attend college. I have four months until I graduate and I believe I have inspired them to achieve a higher education.


I have not actually started just yet however I have visited and have otehr friends attending. It is a christian based atmosphere where Christ is the center. I love to pray and learn about the Bible. It is an awesome school with great friends and awesome staff. I am looking forward tot he years to come.


So far, my college experience has taught me more than just academic knowledge. Being in college has expanded my mind so that it has a larger capacity to contain what i have learned. It has also taught me not just TO grow up and be on my own, but HOW to grow up. I can officially say I am no longer a child anymore. I am an adult.


My college experience has been an emotional whirlwind, in which, I was tested in all aspects of life. In the past five years, I have discovered more about myself than I ever expected to. I have learned that things desired, tend to be very difficult to attain, and require constant perseverance and patience. I have learned that much can be gained by looking inward, as well as, questioning those around you. I have learned that fearing something, having fear of a task that is before you, is one of the most detrimental qualities that can creep into your soul, and your life. But most of all, I have learned that once you overcome that fear, there is a certain gain, a proud and triumphant feeling that wells up inside of you; It is a feeling of immense accomplishment. And within each step of my journey I realize, that without a proud sense of self and accomplishments made, a look in the past may result in feelings of regrets and "should-have's. My intentions in life, are to never stop setting goals and soak up as much knowledge and wholesome enjoyment as I am able, for this life is fleeting.


I am a 44 yr old mother of 2. My attending college will be most valuable to my family's future.


A lot of debt.


I have learned some very important lessons through my college experience thus far. I believe that coming to college and being away from home has taught me to live independently and be okay on my own. I love my family very much so it was definitely a struggle to get used to the new lifestyle. Being in a new environment is also difficult, but the people I have met here at Union have been absolutely amazing and have been some of the most kind and accepting people I have ever met. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and would not ever change it for the world. I believe this school is mentally and physically preparing me for the real world and to be the best I can be as a nurse one day. This is going to be an incredible journey and I cannot wait to see how it plays out!


I would tell myself to learn how to study better because studying in high school is completely different from studying in college. Studying in college is harder and takes more time than it did in high school. I would also prepare myself how to write papers better, because I really didn't write enough papers in high school to prepare myself for writing in college.


To not wait to go to college and to enjoy being single and meeting people and getting to know all different cultures.


As a college student, I have gone through many changes. The biggest change, I believe, has been be taking on more responsibility and adjusting to being on my own. Going away to an out of state, private school has force me to take on the role of an independent adult. I have had to learn how to function and live completely on my own. I no longer have my parents there for every little thing I need, which is a change in itself. I left my whole family and all my friends. I have had to adjust to being out of my comfort zone. I have met new people and built new relationships which have been another change I have had to adjust to. Meeting new people has broadened my world. Having already transitioned into this new college life, I would go back and tell myself, as a senior in high school, to work hard. Even though it is senior year and senioritis has taken over your body, you do not want to get behind, especially not in college. If you think it is bad getting behind in high school, it gets even worse in college.


Be flexible! Life is not all about you, and college is definitely not about you. Remember that you are part of a community. Form friendships that will last. Don't be catty and dramatic. Work hard to keep your GPA up. It's worth it in the long run. Love your roommates and remember that you don't have to live with them forever. Listen carefully to the advice of the upperclassmen. They know what they are talking about. Above all, be yourself. You are fun to be around and you have wisdom to share. Love everyone. Keep being you and you'll be just fine.


Be prepared for the workload, but don't be too worried about it. While it is higher level work, there is still that sort of transition to help you ease into the workload of college. Don't let the classes be intimidating. Most professors are there to help you, contrary to popular belief. Also, be ready to write. In your freshman year of college, a 3-5 pager paper due every couple of weeks is very normal. But, again don't sweat it. You can make it thorugh and do a good job.


Breathe. Everything will work out fine. You do not have to have your whole life figured out now. Take things in steps. First, find a college that you love and that will support and love you back. Once you are at that college, chill out. Do not worry about your major or things like where you will sit in the cafeteria. A major will come. Try a lot of things, find your passion. Once you find where you fit, that place where you shine, major in it. Pursue what makes you happy and what makes you feel fulfilled. Do not worry about making friends or about dorm life. Everyone is in the same boat. People need a friend just like you need one too. Be open to new people, and be open to new experiences. Be patient with your roommates. Dorm life takes practice, but it is blast! Above all else, pray. With prayer, you will find the peace that only God can give. He will guide and protect you. He will give you hope.


"College is like a fountain of knowledge, and the students are there to drink." Many believe that college is the perfect ending to a long educational career where the diligent student can make something of himself. Others think that college is just an excuse to get out of mom and dad's house for a little while and to get a little taste of independence. Having been homeschooled my entire life, i was excited about leaving the house and getting to live on my own. But looking back on my first semester of college, i would advise my younger self to take school much more seriously. Instead of hanging out with friends for hours, i should have some study time inserted into my day as well. i took college for granted and did not apply myself as well as i should have. I ardently desire to go back and experience my first semester over again, mainly to improve my grades, perform at a higher level , and drink deep from the fountain of knowledge.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say "get over yourself." Coming into college I had a lot of walls constructed in my mind seperating myself from others, many I didn't even know were there. I grew up in East Africa. My parents are missionaries and I am so thankful for the experiences I had while I was there. I would not trade growing up in Africa, yet having grown up in a different part of the world I set myself apart from "Americans." I thought that no one wanted to get to know me, but really I was making an excuse for myself to not get to know them. I saw myself as being "better" than many people here, who would not understand my life. Through a series of events and God's help, I have come to realize that my walls of pride needed to be torn down. Peers and friends here have so much they can teach me, and I need to invest in them and their lives. I expected people to be interested in mine without me being interested in theirs, which was wrong.


Going back in time, I would tell myself to work over the summer in order to save money for books and also for the remaining tuition balance. I would also warn myself against the dangers of procrastination and frequent absences from class. I would also remind myself to not be so stressed out and to have fun occasionally. I would explain the grading and testing standards of college and how they are different from high school. I would remind myself to make decisions based on my own judgement and not others wishes. I would explain that I am going to school to better my chances and my future and not to make others happy. Finally, I would reinsure myself that everything is going to be fine.


I would definitely have to make sure and encourage myself to make sure I keep focused on my studies. It may seem like it will be about the same as high school and you can put the exact same effort but you can't you need to put more. Not only that, but if you live on campus you make a lot of your own decisions and if you have early classes and don't let yourself sleep enough or you don't study enough you won't do well in college. Also what goes along with that is if you don't do well in college then your scholarships and grants could be taken from you and you may not be able to stay at the college that you love and have wanted and worked to get to. Finally, just make sure you do the best that you can and work as hard as you need too, but don't forget to have fun just have your priorities in order before you go off to college and know why you are there.


In high school, I was a peole pleaser and lacking in self-confidence. I would definitely tell myself to be stronger and assured that I am a great person who is able to lead from the front and do not be afraid to follow my instinct. College has taught me not to apologize for who I am. It has been a challenge to live with others, especially people that I do not know. I have learned to communicate my feelings in an effective way when something is wrong and not let the issue get under my skin. Life is too short to have feelings bottled up until they explode. I would deal with the situation and move on because tomorrow is a new day.


I have pondered this question on multiple ocassions already. If I could go back in time to my senior year of high school, I would tell myself to finish applying to the Air Force Academy and to go there. I had gotten far in the application but never completed it, and I think I will always regret that. It's not that I dislike Union University, but I feel like I have missed something by not going to the Academy.


Although you are going to be an art student, give yourself sufficient time to sleep. Also, do not forget that a social life is important to keep up! You can make good work and still balance sleep and friends, but it will be difficult. Pay attention to tornado warnings, but trust that the Lord will work all things to your good, because He will! Get very involved in your department and church, because these friends will lift you up when you need support. Also, travel! When you have a break, see some of America--and sleep!


I would have told myself to pick a different major. I enjoyed Psychology but you cannot get a job in it. If I could do it over I would have major in History and prepared to teach High School/Middle School History.


Save up your money SHANEEN!!!!


Greek life is not all it's cracked up to be, you will find other things, many things, to do even if you are not in a sorority. Keep working hard, it's not as bad the first two years as everybody makes it out to be, but you still gotta work hard.


-Stay in the dorms and take a tour of the campus. -make sure you get to know a few students at the schools that you are looking at then you will know if the school is a good fit -keep an open mind - there is no perfect college


I probably would have told myself to attend college right after high school no matter where I had to go because transferring is always an option.


Visit more than two or three and really see what each one has to offer. Also i'd suggest going up and staying there for maybe two, three days when it's not a preveiw day, so you can really see how the school runs.


Choosing a college is more about you than about the college. Ask yourself, ?Why am I going to college; what is my goal? Where do I want to be in 10 years? How will this college help me get there?? Your answers to these questions will determine which college you choose. Next, visit every college you can! Even if you?re not highly interested in the school, you will gain valuable comparison points. While visiting, ask questions. What does the school choose to tell you about itself? Does what you?re seeing and hearing match? TALK TO STUDENTS; they can tell you what the school is really like. Continuing to ask questions and challenging yourself will help you make the most of your college experience. Ask faculty how the school can best help you reach your goals. Ask older students the tricks, shortcuts, and bits of wisdom they?ve learned. Try new things at college: stretch your comfort zone, meet new people, challenge yourself academically, and become involved on campus. Ask yourself, ?What do I want to remember about college when I?m finished?? Your answer to that question will determine your priorities for how you spend your time.


Were I to go back and have to decide on a college again, I would make quite sure that I was perfectly at home with my choice. Adapting to college life can be more challenging than many ever deram and it is for this reason that it is necessary to find a good fit. Parents need to be active in the process, but not overwhelmingly so; taking a step back and allowing students to decide for themselves is the first step in the transition process. The school is not just about the academin program, not just about the social scence, and certainly not just about the accomodations. Rather, the school experience is about matching a person with their environment. Research prospective schools, talk to admissions and to students at the school. Know what you want. Choosing the right school gives flavor, structure, and direction to life. Making the wrong choice is just not an option.


I would advise parents and/or students who are trying to find the right college and make the most out of their college experience to first apply to at least three different colleges. It is important to keep an open mind and not be set on one particular school without having other options. Also I think it is important not to make your decisions solely based on finances because there are scholarships and financial aide available. In order to get the most out of your college experience, I would advise students to get involved as much as they can. It is important however not to spread yourself to thin and try to be involved in everything. I would say the most important thing to remember is chosing your college and experiencing everything that goes along with it is something very important and not to be taken lightly.


I would tell the students to think very carefully about what they want in a school. The size and location do matter. It is important to decide if they want their school to have the same values they uphold. They need to look at what they want to study and what activities they want to partici;ate in and keep those things in mind when selecting. i would advise parents to be as supportive as possible. Money is a very important factor but support of the student and encouraging them to follow their dreams is so much more importants.


Make sure and take all areas of the school into consideration before making a decision. You may like the people at one school, but it's a waste of time if the academics are weak. When I was deciding on schools I only looked at the soccer programs. I based my entire college choice on which team and program I liked them most. I quickly learned that there is a lot more to school than sports. I transfered after my freshmen year to a school that I like academically, I liked the team, the people, and the campus. I was so much happier at my second school. Make sure and do your research on each school and base your decisions on the whole package, not just one area.


As a student, you need to evaluate why you want to attend this university. Is it because your girlfriend is headed there? Or because you heard that they were the number one party school? When you are choosing a school, though social life can play a factor, the most important criteria that the university should meet is that it is a place that can better your future. An institution with a supportive community that will enable you to pursue a career that you love, prepare you to be the best you can be in your career path, and allow you to truly enjoy your time as a college student. This does not always require a high price tag or a prestigious staff and it might mean hunting for scholarships. Don't spend the rest of your life regretting that you could have stayed out of debt by recieving the same education a little closer to home than you initially preferred, but also don't take a chance regretting staying at the school your parents always wanted you to attend when a different school might have enabled you to have the job you always wanted.


When deciding what college to attend, have a list on what you would want in a school but realize that it is impossible to find the perfect school. Visit the schools and talk to former and present students of the school to see what they think of the school. When in college find the people that best compliment you. It may take a while to find that group of friends. Make sure your school work does not suffer when with your buddies. This is a rare oppurtunity you have in life, make the best of it.


pray and look and tour for sure

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