Union University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how set social groups could become after a short period of time. After I dropped my sorority for financial reasons in my sophomore year I found myself without friends or anyone to eat lunch with. Being a double major also limited my social time so I have few close friends from either of my departments. I also wish I had known that as an academic scholarship recipient, I was ineligible for tutoring and other on campus jobs.


That the atmosphere and the people were not that welcoming.


I was fully informed of everything when I came into UU.


The main thing i wish i had known is the fact that many students attempt to evade the rules and do what they want despite objections by their superiors. In several instances I overheard upperclassmen talk about parties and drinking just off campus. These actions are strictly forbidden by school officials and are frowned upon even when done somewhere off campus. Also, many of the seniors at Union were not the upstandting students i had expected them to be. Despite Union's tremendous upside, some students have changed my opinion of the school's morals.


I would say that my school is best known for being a Southern Baptist school that has quality professors and is missons minded. Each year our school has a "GO week" whick stands for Global Opportunities. Different sending agencies come to the school and many short term missions opportunites are presented for the students to serve on as well. Our school is also know of because of the tornado that demolished many of the dorms in 2008, yet thanks to God's grace no lives were lost and the dorms are rebuilt.


this sounds shallow i know but i wish i had known the food would not be all that great. i could have at least been prepared instead of disappointed


There is nothing that I can think of that I would have wished to know before coming. The things I have learned and experienced have been, for the most part, positive, and part of a growing experience.


Get Involved


I was pretty prepared before coming to this school. If someone researches Union by visiting and talking with students and faculty, they will receive an accurate picture of the University.


I wish I would have been better prepared to be able to balance my academic responsibilities with my social life and work schedule.


It is going to be very challenging, so be very prepared. It is totally worth it though.


I wish I knew the importance of getting the best education you can get with the short amount of time you are given. If you want to learn a specific field, I mean really learn it, you have to get out there and learn as much as you can from research, your professors, and others in that field of study.


I wish I would have known how challenging it would be to find new scholarships for my junior year.


I would have liked to have known more about possible financial aid beyond your freshmen and sophmore year.


I wish I had known known how to better balance my social time with my schoolwork. I wish I had known how to effectively manage my money. I wish I had known about the dangers of facebook addiction.


That the finances would be so difficult all the way through. My family has had to suffer a great deal to allow me to go to this university. I wish I could have done something more to help out financially.


I cannot think of anything that I wish I would have known before attending Union University.


I wish I would have understood how expensive the university is and what I could have done to prepare financially for this institution.


How to study well, get in enough sleep, and eat health.


I wish I had known the level of expectation from the school. They are very academically strong and they want their graduates to come out of there knowing they received the best possible education.


i wish i had known about the meal plans. I think we get ripped off!

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