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Being a military academy, this school is very different than any state college or university. There are different expectations and standards required of cadets. You are expected to excel academically, as well as militarily and athletically or risk being disenrolled. The academic year is long and summers are occupied with military training other than three weeks of leave. The bonds you will make with classmates are second to none, however, because of the trials and tribulations you will go through together. It is a great opportunity for anyone looking to do something special with their life.


Its a military school, be ready to join the air force.


There are many opprotunities to get to take advantage of resources. For example, I skydive and the Air Force pays for it.


The fact that it was a military academy.


Actuall military school. others were elite engineering schools.


Everything from classes to military duties to other assorted extracurricular activities.


We all dress the same every day of the week.