United States Air Force Academy Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend United States Air Force Academy?


If you are not a driven, committed, relentless individual, do not come to this school. You will be pushed to your furthest mental and physical boundaries and beyond. Do not come to this school expecting it to be easy. If you lack integrity, do not come to this school because you will be expected to hold yourself to the highest level of character. If you do not like challenges or being pushed, this is not the place for you. Remember, military comes before all, and anyone who is not willing to put that first need not come.


Driven individuals who want to serve their country and are willing to step out of their comfort level to become a leader and work very hard for 4 years.


Liberal person. Someone unsupportive of the military. Someone who does not like to be pushed. Someone who can't handle pressure.


If you enjoy freedom and are the freewilled type of person USAFA is not for you.


A pacifist or someone against the military.


Very Liberal. Physically weak. Not willing to serve the United States


A person who is not willing to make a committment and sacrifice to serve the United States, and anyone without a military background.