United States Air Force Academy Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about United States Air Force Academy?


The most frustrating thing about the Academy is that we are treated like children. We have a system of priveleges that are awarded on class rank. I wish that it wasn't this way.


That one can be kicked out purely because the class needs to be smaller.


The United States Air Force Academy is an amazing place. There are very few colleges in the world that can boast what we offer and what our students do after graduation. Unfortunately, the espirit de corps of the place isn't very high. Although basic training and freshman year are probably the least enjoyable parts of our lives, we should have pride in this institution and the US Air Force. It frustrates me that there is so much of a negative attitude toward our college.


Politics demand that the school be very politicaly correct and the administration is sometimes to sensitive to hopw things will look in the media. It's a military school but the training you recieve doesn't apply very much to the real Air Force.


We dont have time to accomplish everything. We are loaded with a heavy academic load and because we are a military academy we have other responsibilities as well within our squadrons. Being an intercollegiate athlete makes life even more difficult.


Military lifestyle


A lot of the big assigments seem to pile up all at the same time, and it takes a lot of work to get them all knocked out. The schedule is pretty tough, and all the extracurriculars going on at the same time make for a hectic quality of life most of the time.