United States Air Force Academy Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


We have so many amazing opportunities that normal college students at civilian universities do not have. Although we lack fraternities and standard college partying, we are able to surround ourselves with some of the greatest minds and most dedicated members of our military. At how many other colleges do you get to jump out of airplanes, fly gliders, meet Medal of Honor recipients and POWs, shoot rifles, and travel around the world all on the government's dime? Also, we all will have a job after graduation guaranteed: an officer in the Air Force.


To go through a different experience that will be rewarding in the future. Lots of opportunities to experience things most of my high school friends will never get to and knowing that I will be well off as I become a graduate of USAFA.


All of the unusual opportunities that you can't get anywhere else. flying, skydiving, other military training.


Fantastic career opportunities in the Air Force.