United States Coast Guard Academy Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The United States Coast Guard Academy graduates young men and women with sound bodies, stout hearts and alert minds, with a liking for the sea and its lore, with that high sense of honor, loyalty and obedience which goes with trained initiative and leadership; well grounded in seamanship, the sciences and amenities, and strong in the resolve to be worthy of the traditions of commissioned officers in the United States Coast Guard in the service of their country and humanity.


All work and no fun.


If you want to maintain your sanity, you have to work hard and play harder.


You have to really want to be here in order to find the strength and motivation to put up with all of the crappy things that can happen to you. If you make really great friends throughout the first year, it will make everything a little more tolerable. It's best to stay focused on what you will have when you graduate. Be prepared to get less sleep than you are probably used to.