United States Coast Guard Academy Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What makes attending the United States Coast Guard Academy difficult is the mental and physical strain it puts on its students. Students at the Academy forcibly accomplish more things in one day than students at other institutions accomplish in a week. And for the most part, they do so without complaining. They really have no reason to complain, because, after all, they made the decision to attend the Academy and make the necessary sacrifices to stay there.


Gets lonely sometimes there. It takes a lot of discipline and want to go there and you can't maintain that all the time. Friends will always help you thorugh.


The restrictions on when cadets can leave the Academy.


The worst thing about this school is all of the regulations. Sometimes, you feel micromanaged, and as a college student in the military, that can be a bit degrading. There seems to be a rule for everything and endless ways to get in trouble.


The amount of time I am able to leave the academy is probably the worst thing about my school. It is a military academy but some time is wasted that could be given to students to have that time off.