United States Coast Guard Academy Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Determined, driven, intelligent, strong individual


A person with a type "a" personality will generally do better at school, although it is not necessary. The person should have partying out of their system and understand the comitment they are about to make. The individual must be driven, focused, and stuborn. Stuborn is necessary so you don't want to quit.


Focused, person with goals and drive.


Some one who wants to serve their nation and fellow citizens and is willing to work extremely hard to achieve a career in the Coast Guard. You must be very focused and determined, but able to relax and find enjoyment in the little things in life. This is a military academy, and that should be kept in mind when considering to attend this institution.


Someone that loves serving their country and is proud of the United States. Also, someone that has a humanitarian heart and will love being an Officer in the Coast Guard upon graduation.