United States Merchant Marine Academy Top Questions

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All students are required to go to sea for a year as part of the learning process.


Its a federal service academy. It is very regimented.


It only has 6 majors that are split up into 2 groups, Engineering and Deck. There are 3 engineering majors and 3 deck majors. All graduates graduate with a unlimited license. The engineering majors get a unlimited 3rd assistant engineers license and the deck majors get a unlimited 3rd mates license.


It's much smaller and not as prestigeous. The students are much more close-knit than those at other service academies.


Only Federal Service Academy that a person can choose a wide branch of military services after graduation, or even work in the maritime industry.


We work our asses off for four years for the promise of success in the real world. We also spend a year traveling the world on commercial ships seeing countries that other kids only dream of. in 3 months last year I saw Panama, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Japan and Canada.