United States Naval Academy Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a demanding school that challenges students morally, mentally and physically in everything we do both in school and on the sports fields.


The United States Naval Academy develops future naval officers morally, mentally, and physically, ensuring a sound educational foundation, peak physical fitness, and a strong moral character in order to serve as effective leaders and officers in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.


It's rigid and harsh, a leadership laboratory.


USNA provides tough, but manageable physical, moral, and academic work, through which you build yourself into a competent human being and develop relationships that never die.


The Naval Academy is very challenging morally, mentally, and physically.


The United States Naval Academy is an institution that honors tradition while providing the rigorous course work to guarantee its graduates a Bachelor's degree in four years and demands the physical and moral excellence that embodies the United States Naval Officer.


Hell with a purpose.


What one would expect of a military service academy with a focus on leadership development, but also on academics and political correctness.


Prepare to hate life for the first year.


The U.S. Naval Academy is intensely focused on officer development as well as academics.


Trys to make people into good leaders.


The Naval Academy is the best place to go for those with a military career as an officer in mind to attend.


Military oriented, very hard Engineering based school.


It is good to be from here not be here


If you are willing to completely throw yourself at your goals and commit fully, the Naval Academy will challenge and reward you beyond measure.