United States Naval Academy Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The United States Naval Academy thrives on teamwork and camaraderie. During students' four years at the Academy many hardships and challenging situations are presented in order to better prepare the students to be Naval officers. In order to complete these challenges and overcome the obstacles before them, students are forced to unite and stand together in order to create a group of people without weakness. The brotherhood that is forged between every student and the friendships created during the students “four years together by the bay” highlights the ideals and traditions of the Naval Academy and the naval service.


The Naval Academy is best known for producing Naval Officers.


Navy football and the rigorous academics and military life.


The great academics and prestegious graduates.


Military excellence


Academic excellence. Supreme physical fitness. Military greatness. Comraderie. Unbeatable football. Producing leaders and commissioned officers in the US Navy to protect and defend the USA.


My school is best known for its military training for officers and its rigourous academics.


The Naval Academy is known for its excellent engineering majors and a top liberal arts classes. It also produces over 850 Navy and Marine Corps officers every year.


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Producing quality naval officers, and sucessful people there after.


To those who don't know much about it: the Army/Navy game. For those who know a little more about it, we are known for being a physically and academically tough school that has produced some of the world's finest leaders.


For providing men and women that will one day lead in the Navy and Marine Corps.


Producing future leaders of our country and military.


Producing military officers.


We are known for our spirit and sense of community and brotherhood. We are in shape and protect our country.


My school is best known for developing normal civilians into elite members of the Navy and Marine Corps.


For the military prestige, hard working students that are all well-rounded and devoted to serving their country.


Being a military institution.