United States Naval Academy Top Questions

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You will recieve some of the best military training of your life and will earn a degree from a priority institution. There are no drinking parties, zero tolerance for drugs; you will recieve more structure and discipline than you thought was possible in your life.


Only at the Naval Academy can one become an officer in the United States Navy who embodies leadership, honor, and knowledge. While true that other colleges contain ROTC programs the train officers, they don't train leaders. With a greater number of leadership opportunities, as well as direct, daily interaction with high level officers, we are molded into combat ready junior officers that can lead our enlisted sailors and Marines as well as being comfortable enough around our superiors to do what needs to be done without succumbing to Captainitis. Where others commit time to training, we commit our lives.


It's a military academy. It guarantees a career after graduation. I get paid to go there.


We all are part of the US Navy and thus the US Armed Forces. We do not have a life anything like that of our civilian counterparts. Life is regimented and time is precious. We can't always do what we want to and we will all be joining the War on Terror after we graduate.


Its a military academy. I'm going to be an officer in the United States Navy upon graduation. The academic opporotunities are the same if not better at USNA than at the schools I was looking at for engineering.


The Naval Academy doesn’t just teach leadership; it requires its students to actually demonstrate leadership as a requirement for graduation. Anyone interested in not just exploring their true potential as a leader, but in actually BEING a leader during and after college should strongly consider attending Annapolis. The level of responsibility the U.S. Navy places in the hands of Midshipmen before and after they graduate is remarkable. I am proud and glad to have graduated from this institution.


It has amazing tradition, and 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} job placement


My school is a Military Institution whose main focus is to create Sailors and Marines. This school is focused on developing leaders with strong academic backgrounds, moral character, and motivation to be physcially fit. The type of people that go to this school are team oriented and selfless who want to volunteer themselves for the service of our country.


At the end of going to my school you are guarenteed a job in the Military and will be successful no matter where it is you go! The bonds you make here are unbelievable, and it is an experience that allows you to be the best you can in every situation: Morally, mentally, and physically!!!


Is a military school. You have to be prepaired to be in a military enviornment where the school basically owns your life. Also after school, you are committed to the military for a minimum of 5 years


It pays you to go to school and you know you have a job waiting for you upon graduation.


Service before self. Peer leadership stressed heavily and responsibilities are given to allow students practice it. Real-world military training during the summer.


The United States Naval Academy is a military academy who's sole purpose is to develop its students into Naval and Marine Corp Officers. It is not your normal college experience by any way shape or form. There are 3 daily formations, and you will be assigned a company of about 160 people who will become your new family. You will eat meals together, and spend most of your time together throughout your four years here. Also, upon graduation you will be commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy or Marine corp with a minimal five year committment.


Graduates are commission as officers in the Navy and Marine Corps.


On top of academics, we learn to be leaders right off the bat.