United States Naval Academy Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that it does not allow enough room to be a creative individual. Students at USNA are very much isolated into a strange and very restrictive military world. Although my school offers many great things, it is not a good personality fit for everyone. You have to give up a lot of yourself to attend a service academy and you need to decide if its worth it.


All of the rules tend to make some people cynical.


The way they treat women. The lack of creativity and allowance for growing up. We live in this giant bubble that doesn't allow college-life to actually set in. The rules are so strict, and i understand they're there for a reason, but they promote unhealthy behaviour such as binge drinking, sexual acts, etc.


An administration that cares only about what it thinks is right and will not change based on what the students feel is best for them.


The worst thing about this school is the lack of trust the administration has for the students. The liberties of the students are restricted during the week in order to facilitate better academic perfomance. This, however, only causes the students to become cynical and disillusioned over time.


Lack of free time and ability to leave the yard


Having no social life whatsoever except on the weekends. And even then, you have military and other requirements that can limit the time you enjoy on "liberty." If you can manage being on AIM, Facebook, MySpace and webcam from Sunday nights until the following Friday night, you might stand a chance; if not, then go to a regular school.


It's a military academy so we are never allowed off campus during weekdays. The lack of freedom is a real damper on relationships.


The administration does not take student opinion seriously. The group think mentality is sometimes crushing. The place is ruled by conservative, middle class, white males.


Random breathalyzers - if a person who may legally drink blows abouve 0.08 BAC they can get in trouble. This creates an unnecessary taboo and makes drinking all the more appealing because it is frowned upon. Therefore, persons over 21 start acting like immature underagers coming up with ways to avoid the breathalyzer.


Given that it's a military institution, there are noticeably less opportunities to express one's artistic talents and ideas.


Preoccupation with diversity and public relations. Lack of focus on developing students into officers.


How little it prepares you for the real world.


The unbelievable workload coupled with the various restrictions and requirements. These forces come together to create a school that is bent on smashing midshipmen into the molds forged through the development of the academy.


I will never know what it is like to go to a normal school and feel that I may lack some experiences necessary to be completely successful in my life after the Navy.


The administration stomping out free time away from school and trying to take away extra curriculars, especially creative/artistic ones


Anything bad about the Naval Academy is all a matter of ones attitude. The worst thing is the cynicism that evolves as students spend more and more time inside the walls of the Yard. Good friends and a good attitude can help to overcome this though.