United States Naval Academy Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The Naval Academy has so many opprotunities. There is a club or sport or extracurricular activity for just about everything that allows you to pursue your passions. In the military aspects, there are so many opprotunities to interact with members of different countries and learning about their culture while being able to share about our culture as well.


The best thing about The United States Naval Academy is the leadership orrprtunities that it presents. Here, every student has the opportunity to lead their classmates and learn to become officers in the United States Navy. This school will prepare you for life in the fleet and teach you to be a person that your subordinates can trust and look up to. The Naval Academy also provides a very set structure that not very many other colleges provide that will improve graudation rates and success rates.


The best thing about my school is the ample leadership opportunities that everyone is encouraged to participate in. Not only do we take classes related to leadership, but are given charge of ships with a crew of classmates. We are given a task that must be completed and are shown how to do it but are then left at the Conn to command a ship and crew to accomplish our task. Nowhere else is leadership taught, but instilled. Throughout the four years, one may even get the opportunity to command the Brigade with approximately 5000 Midshipman.


The best thing about my school is the tradtion. My school is very old and takes a lot of pride in its tradtion. It makes students feel as if they've become a part of something bigger than themselves. There is also a lot of comfort in tradition.


I get a great education for free amd I have a guarenteed job at graduation.


The schooling is free and you have a guarenteed job when you graduate.


The opportunities it provides.


The diversity of the people and different activities all around campus.


The Naval Academy is a difficult school, academically, physically and morally. But if a person desires to become a military officer, then the hard work is worth it, because of the excellent people one will meet at school. Almost everyone at school wants to serve their country and do something good with their life. Students at the Naval Academy will undoubtably make friends for life. The school is also completely free for everyone, and everyone is guaranteed a job after graduation as a military officer.


Great opportunities that you won't receive at any other school.


job opertunities


I am being better prepared to serve my country at the Naval Academy than I would be anywhere else.


Military history


Everyone is bound by service. There is no possible way to describe the trust and love amongst midshipman here. It is like having 40 brothers that you would do anything in the world for. You are always constantly pushed. Everyone here was a vasristy athlete 4.0 in high school so it wierd being a high achiever and being "normal"


The Academy challenges each student unlike any school to help develope the future leaders of America. No other school can push each student to their personally limits morally, mentally, and physically.


Provides many oppurtunites for people to improve themselves.


Service to the nation.


The comraderie and the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood shared by not only those currently attending but by the alumni as well.


The strong sense of tradition. There have been many past graduates who have gone on to do great things: Naval admirals, Marine Corps Generals. president and congressmen, astronauts, CEOs, etc. It is humbling to know that these great people lived in the same building that we live in, went to the same classrooms, and had to abide by the same rules.


The best thing about this school is the availability of help to the students who want it. Professors will do almost anything for students who they feel are trying hard; this is one of those schools that is a lot harder to get into than get kicked out of. Also, the spirit and camraderie among the students is the best in the country, we all have a sense of purpose here.


Best thing about my school is the emphasis on high academics and amazing athletics. I love the fact that I have 4,000 brothers that live here and would do anything for me. The comadire is amazing.


The closeness with my classmates.


Every midshipman at the Naval Academy is focused, patriotic, and for the most part friendly. The poeple I have met here a seperate breed, unlike any I have seen.


It is the premier institution to become a naval officer, which is what I want. Free education, guaranteed job placement after graduation and the oppurtunity to serve my country.


Being able to serve the country.


Everyone currently here had to work extremely hard to get in, so the work ethic and desire to be here are very high. We go through a lot and share the common thread of desiring a career in military service, so that creates a really strong bond among students.


The best thing about my school is that you pay for your own education by serving your country after graduation. Although tuition and all living expenses are completely paid by the government, students (called midshipmen) owe 5 years of service as an Officer in the Navy or Marine Corps. What this means is that every graduate is guaranteed a job either on a Navy ship, flying aircraft, serving as a Marine, or as a Navy SEAL.


The best thing about the Naval Academy is the tradition. The Academy has a tradition of excellence and expectations. This makes the environment and attitude accomodating to success.


I think that the incredible importance put on selflessness is the most important aspect of my school. It has become socially acceptable to become self-absorbed, but I think that wholeheartedly devoting oneself to a larger cause is more commendable, especially if that cause is the defense of the nation. A lot of the time, I get reality checks during the academic year; I'll realize that my grades are important, but that, somtimes, mentoring my freshmen takes precedence over studying. I have to succeed, but I cannot do it alone.