Unity College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Unethical and physically unfit for the position in mind.


They are really interesting and an understanding group of people.


Outgoing openminded students


My classmates are students who respectful to faculty, attentive during lecture, and most students here are interested in pursuing skills in sustainability.


Students at Unity are all so diverse. I mean, I guess you can go with what I said about the stereotypes, but there are just all interesting individuals here at Unity it is hard to say what the whole group is like. Many many many different religions, socio-economic, and sexual-preference are present at Unity.


There is no typical student at unity, for the most part they like the environment, like being outside and getting dirty. There are a lot of individuals, but they are just chill kids, some kids wear camo and carhartts, orther wear stuff theyve made, some wear what they have for the last 6 days, and some people dress to impress. Though it is very laid back here, No SUITS you know when someone is lost when theyre wearing a suit.


My classmates are a bunch of kids who never really grew up; we all still enjoy coloring and get really excited if we watch a Disney movie no one has seen in a long time.


Classmates are extremely enthusiastic and willing to participate in extra activities to learn more about their fields of interest.


My classmates always express their opinions when it comes to class discussions.


They are mostly fun loving people of varied age groups, who are easy going in life and expect the treatment in return that they would show onto others.


everyone here is very different from each other, we all have different ideas but we all mesh to form a commUnity.