Unity College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew how hard it was to get the classes that you need to graduate during pre-regristation.


that it is rapidly increasing and the president wants the school to get bigger, which a lot of students, including myself are interested in.


That the likelihood of becoming a Maine State Game Warden is so slim that my education here is not helping me achieve my goals.


I wish I had known that there was a lot of presentations in classes.


I honestly have no idea, the school has exceeded my expectations completly. I guess i wish i would have known that there was going to be so many opportunities outside of class for trips and learning, so that i could have brought better gear.


I wish that I had known that residence halls on campus usually have a sterotype based on the noise level and craziness of students living in the dorms. For example, my residence hall is sometimes referred to as the "retirement home".


It is a lot smaller than I expected, as I hadn't visited this school before. However, once you are on campus, there is a lot going on and a lot of opportunities. I'm happy I gave it a chance!


I wish I knew just how important my GPA and grades were. During my high school career I spent more time sociallizing than studying. Though my grades were usually steadied around B's and C's, every now and then A's I never reached my full potential. During my senior year I started working a little harder at my grades and ended up with a GPA of 3.23. Once into my first semester of college I rethought how I looked at school and brought my grades and GPA up. Now I'm working even harder.


I wish i had taken a year from every school on my top list to get to know how each one is so i would be able to compare them.


how far it was from major cities


I wish I had known how attached I would have become to the students, faculty, and my environment. I connected so well with my peers and the outdoors that I do not wish to return to my home state. I absolutley love the feelings I get when I am involved in club activities or when I watch the fresh fallen snow shimmer like diamonds that have dropped out of the sky! This school has become apart of me; it is my home, my family, and everything that I have ever wished for in a college.


How unwilling the registrar and some teachers are to work with absences due to physical injury and medication changes.

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