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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Typical advice you hear from adults, "don't screw off" "study", and then knowing myself i would tell myself that i would not be able to attend any college i wanted if i kept going on the course i ended up traveling down.


Well i honestly could not give much information about the college life, because of my hopes and dreams to start college very soon. But if i could go back and have a little chat with myself it would probablly be something like school is the real deal man. I always heard "school was for fools" but now im starting to realize that is a very untrue statement. I've learned that school is in essence made america what it is today, if none of our forefathers or grandparents went to school way back when then who knows what america would be like today, maybe worse off then it is already. Besides that, i wish i could have told myself to straighten up in school and take it serious, because life could've been so much easier.


Even though I have not began my secondary school experience, I know I would have told myself to take the high school experience more seriously. I would have challenged myself more and taken advantage of every opportunity to excel. Now I can see that if I had that mindset I would have begun my secondary school experience sooner. I now realize that I did not apply myself enough. I'm thankful that I did not waste too much time.


I have always thought that it is never worthwhile to change the past. It makes you who you are and helps you to not repeat old mistakes. What I would say though is simply a reminder. Never forget who you are. Your identity as an individual, your personal values and beliefs, and your family and friends are the things that should always stick close to your heart. Things can come and go, such as the rough economy and the death of loved ones, but how you handle those things and the choices that guide you do. Go to school for something that you love, and if you are not sure, it is ok to take the time and figure it out. Remember that nothing comes easy and there are always moments of frustration and extremely difficulty, but with a positive mindset you can and will succeed. I have found the career I wanted to be in. I love it and I love how much there is to learn. Never stop learning, never become stagnant. Push yourself to be the best but remember who you are and use your gifts and abilities for others.